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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Meet Your Council

These councillors have been elected to represent the community's interests in the Local Government Area of Orange City until September 2020.

Reg KiddCr Reg Kidd 


0407 892 614


Chairperson: Orange Health Liason Committee, Cultural Heritage Committee, Orange Regional Museum Committee, Centenary of WWI Committee, Floodplain Managment Committee, Orange Showground Committee and Parks, Trees and Waterways Committtee. 





Joanne McRaeCr Joanne McRae


0437 451 947


Chairperson: Clifton Grove Committee and Finance Committee. 






Kevin DuffyCr Kevin Duffy

0418 652 499


Chairperson: Services Policy Committee, Tidy Towns Committee, Orange Conservatorium and Planetarium Committee and Ageing and Access Committee. 





Jason HamlingCr Jason Hamling

0418 676 863


Chairperson: Sport and Recreation Committee and Community Safety and Crime Prevention. 





Tony MiletoCr Tony Mileto

0437 172 598


Chairperson: Spring Hill Committee and Lucknow Committee. 





Scott MunroCr Scott Munro

0428 650 675







Stephen NugentCr Stephen Nugent

0437 293 177


Chairperson: Comapnion Animals Committee and Environmental Sustainability Committee. 





Mario PriveteraCr Mario Previtera

0437 447 367







Sam RomanoCr Sam Romano

0403 407 279


Chairperson: Orange Airport and Infrastructure Committee. 





Glenn TaylorCr Glenn Taylor

0438 623 167







Russell TurnerCr Russell Turner

0427 290 923


Chairperson: Planning and Development Committee and the City of Orange Traffic Committee. 






Jeff WhittonCr Jeff Whitton

0418 961 581


Chairperson: Employment and Economic Development Committee and Economic Development Community Committee. 





Role of a Councillor

1.  The role of a Councillor, as a member of the governing body of the Council is :

  • to direct and control the affairs of the Council in accordance with this the Local Government Act 1993
  • to participate in the optimum allocation of the Council's resources for the benefit of the area
  • to play a key role in the creation and review of the Council's policies and objectives and criteria relating to the exercise of the Council's regulatory functions
  • to review the performance of the Council and its delivery of services, and the management plans and revenue policies of the Council.

2.   The role of a Councillor, as an elected person, is :

  • to represent the interests of the residents and ratepayers
  • to provide leadership and guidance to the community
  • to facilitate communication between the community and the Council.


The role of the Mayor is:

  • to exercise, in cases of necessity, the policy-making functions of the governing body of the Council between meetings of the Council
  • to exercise such other functions of the Council as the Council determines
  • to preside at meetings of the Council
  • to carry out the civic and ceremonial functions of the Mayoral office.