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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Current Works



Road Maintenance

Whilst continuing with routine pothole patching works, maintenance crews have begun to address some areas of ongoing concern with more durable treatments including hot mix and gravel patching works.  Examples include:
• Ploughmans Lane near the Escort Way
• Isaac Drive near Stirling Avenue
• The roundabout at Anson and Phillip Street
• A section of Dean Drive
• Linda Crescent.

Road Resealing

Road resealing is booked with Council’s contractor to commence in December.  Streets to be treated include:
• Matthews Avenue
• Laurel Avenue
• Banjo Patterson Way
• Edward Street
• Churchill Avenue
• March Street
• Lone Pine Avenue (2 sections)
• Bletchington Street
• Hill Street (2 sections)
• Gardiner Road
• Anson Street
• Forest Road (4 sections).
Some sections identified for reseals have had heavy patching work undertaken to address defects in advance of the programmed works.

Road Rehabilitation

With regard to our road rehabilitation and heavy patching, works have been undertaken and sealed on:
• Paling Street
• Austin Street
• Summer Street East
• Winter Street
• Ophir Road
• Endeavour Avenue
• Gardiner Road
• Anson Street
• Hill Street (2 sections).

Road Upgrading
Clergate Road
Tenders have been received for the reconstruction and widening of Clergate Road. It is anticipated that Council will award the contract in December with works to commence in January 2017.
Burrendong Way
Tenders have been advertised for the reconstruction of Burrendong Way north of the Northern Distributor Road (NDR) to the recently upgraded section.  It is anticipated that Council will award this contract in December.
Bloomfield’s Internal Roads
Works are continuing on the upgrading of sections of the Bloomfields internal road network by Council crews.  Trial sections of kerb mix to suit heritage colour and texture requirements were tested in the works depot yard to ensure compliance in the field.

New Works
Waratahs Link Road
Works are continuing with Council’s contractor progressing well at the western end of the job site. Some additional works have been identified to address soft spots on the eastern end but it is not anticipated that this will overly delay the roadworks component of the project which is expected to be completed in January 2017.



Kerb and Gutter

Restoration of road and hotmix footpath was completed adjacent to kerb and gutter repairs in Lords Place.

Traffic Facilities
Works began on the first of Council’s National Blackspot funded works at the intersection of March and Sale Streets with the pouring of the pedestrian blister islands.

Spraying of cumbungi and blackberry was undertaken in advance of open drain clearing activities between Kearneys Drive and Matthews Avenue.


New Water Services

• 16 Connemara Drive
• 14 Connemara Drive
•  Mitchell Highway sewer pump station
• 3 Glasson Drive
• 5 Glasson Drive
• Lot 101 Glasson Drive
• Lot 102 Glasson Drive
• Lot 103 Glasson Drive
• 64 Phillip Street

Water Service Renewal

  • 35 Gardiner Road - 20mm renewal


• Renewal of the Nile Street water main is continuing with two blocks complete and works programmed for the remaining two blocks.
• New water services to the blisters being installed at Sale and March Streets
• Council is undertaking an active hydrant and valve maintenance program with a focus on South East Orange. These works have allowed easier access to the hydrants and valves within the area.


Water Storage Levels


Water Quality

Water samples are collected as a component of the Orange City Council’s Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Program which forms part of the NSW Health requirements.  Samples are collected regularly and sent to a National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratory for analysis. Samples analysed between 1 October (as last reported to Council) and the end of October 2016 complied with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, 2011.

The final “filter to waste valve” on the eight standard filters at the Icely Road Water Filtration Plant has now been installed, enabling greater control over the backwash process. This further enhances the city’s water quality, particularly during turbidity increases in Suma Park Dam following rainfall events

Water Consumption
Average daily water consumption during the week ending 17 November 2016 was 192 litres per person per day.



• 45 Molloy Drive - new sewer junction
• 3 Glasson Drive - new sewer junction
• 5 Glasson Drive - new sewer junction
• Works are commencing on the renewal of five sewer vents across orange. This work is expected to be completed by February 2017.
• Works on Council’s sewer rehabilitation program are set to commence in January 2017. These works are expected to be complete by May 2017.


The contractor on this work has completed 30m of base slab and 12m of walls and is currently forming up for the next 18m section of walls.  Several discussions have been held with the contractor to discuss the slow progress on this work which is now unlikely to be completed within the allocated time for this contract.


The project is 95% complete. A final project team meeting and facility hand over inspection will be undertaken with Toll on 28 and 29 November. The carpark is being finalised and finishing touches applied to the building.

Completion is within the NSW Ambulance and TOLL Lease requirements of February 2017. TOLL may seek early access to the building to assist with facilitating the transition with the current retrieval service.

The project is currently meeting its budget, quality and time requirements.


The demolition tender is currently out with four pre-approved tenderers. The mandatory site meeting has been completed and additional site visits undertaken by various demolition subcontractors. Council’s Major Projects Team are managing the tender process and reporting through the Project Committee including Health Infrastructure representatives.

To date nothing unexpected has been encountered, however the scale of the project may test the preliminary Health Infrastructure budgets. Tenders close on Friday 2 December.


The demolition preparation works have commenced by Forefront Services. The internal minor items have been removed and asbestos removal is scheduled for this week.

Approvals have been provided by Essential Energy for high voltage electrical shut down in the area. Approval is still being sought for rail corridor access to erect a temporary security fence. The approval process has taken three months to date.

With approvals in place and the asbestos removed the process is to remove the shed sheeting, then the steel frame structure prior to Christmas. The concrete floor will be removed in the New Year and the significant timber sub floor will be taken and stored at the works depot for future sale. The site will then be cleared including monitoring and validation clearance of potential contamination. The works should be completed by March 2017.


The contractor for this project recommenced works on site on Tuesday 15 November 2016 and is hauling material to the western face of the Resource Recovery Centre to provide the capping layer to that area.  It is expected that the majority of these works will be completed prior to Christmas.


Orange City Council is continuing the development of the Central Tablelands Regional Water Security Pipeline Project from Orange to Carcoar. This project is funded under the Restart NSW Water Security for Regions Program to improve water access and security in the areas serviced by Orange City Council (OCC) and Central Tablelands Water (CTW).

Cabonne Council is also developing a pipeline project under the same Restart funding program, and to achieve economies of scale it has been agreed to work with Cabonne and submit concurrent tenders. The tender for the Orange to Carcoar Project has been awarded to Leed Engineering and Constructions. The tender for the Cabonne project has closed and will be awarded in November 2016 with construction for both projects proposed to commence early 2017.

Orange City Council and Central Tablelands Water are continuing consultation with their respective affected landowners in relation to acquiring easements which includes access agreements, acquisition of easements and rehabilitation plans.

This project is within budget and on track to meet the completion date of December 2018.


Passenger numbers for October 2016 were 4,803 compared with 4,498 during the same month in 2015.



The following information is sourced from E21, Council's energy software.