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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Current Works


Road Maintenance

Road maintenance activities progressed across the city with crews responding to customer requests and programmed works.  Programmed works included:
Pothole jet patching

  • Scott Place
  • Prince Street
  • Spring Street
  • Phillip Street
  • Nile Street
  • Rawle Avenue
  • Margaret Street
  • Dora Street
  • Moulder Street
  • Maxwell Avenue
  • Nile Street
  • Lords Place

Gravel Road Grading

  • Pierce Lane
  • Auberson Road
  • Falvey Road

Road Upgrading

Clergate Road
Contract works on Clergate Road progressed, with works on the section from Farrell Road to the Distributor Road end being fully kerbed and guttered, prime sealed and overlaid with hot mix asphalt. 
Works continue on the northern end of the project with an expected completion in early September.

Burrendong Way
A seal has now been applied to works completed on Burrendong Way.  Minor works to be undertaken include reinstatement of letterboxes, installation of guideposts, linemarking and repair to some boundary fences adjacent to the retaining wall.

North Orange Bypass
Works on hot mix asphalt upgrade of the Astill Street (N) to Ophir Road section is due for completion in late July. Linemarking will follow.

Other Works
Wentworth and Kenna Street realignment
Outstanding works to be addressed at this intersection include construction of a centre median island on the south side of Kenna Street, line marking and some landscaping.

New Works
Footpath construction
Approximately 200m of new concrete footpath was laid from the Anson Street school, south to the TAFE to provide better access for pedestrians to both facilities.

New Water Services

  • 12 Wakeford Street
  • 3 Dalton Street
  • 125 Gorman Road
  • 3 Connemara Drive
  • 54 Silverdown Way
  • 16 Jessie Rise
  • 5 Kirkwood Lane
  • 5 Grace Rise
  • 4 McCormick Drive
  • 53 Silverdown Way
  • 89 Dean Drive

Water Service Renewals

  • 12 Hamer Street


  • Hydrant and valve maintenance program is continuing with 1,126 hydrants and 1,288 valves inspected.
  • Water main renewed along Spring Street between and Dalton and Olver Streets.

Water Storage Levels

Water Quality
Water samples are collected as a component of the Orange City Council’s Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Program which forms part of the NSW Health requirements. Samples are collected regularly and sent to a National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratory for analysis. Samples collected in June 2017 complied with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, 2011.

Blue-green algae concentrations in Suma Park Dam have remained at low levels since last reported in Current Works. Actions, including ongoing monitoring, continue to be implemented in accordance with Council’s Algae Management Plan.

Recycled water managed by Council is operated through implementation of Council’s Recycled Water Management System, which includes consideration of treated effluent and the dual water scheme in Ploughmans Valley/North Orange.

Water Consumption
Average daily water consumption during the week ending 13 July 2017 was 167 litres per person per day.


Sewer Reconstructions

  • 16 Moulder Street


  • 154 – 156 Sale Street - construction on new sewer manhole
  • 270 Leeds Parade - construction of two sewer manhole and connection works
  • 3 Dalton Street - sewer connection
  • Leeds Parade near Bunnings - sewer connection

The project is within budget and on time with the expected date of completion by June 2018.

A summary of the Orange to Carcoar pipeline progress is below.
Section 4: Spring Creek Filter to Icely Road Filter – 5535m

5,478m of pipeline has been completed. The remaining 57m include connections at Icely Road Filtration Plant and Pump Station 1 (Spring Creek Filtration Plant).

Section 3b: Orange Airport to Spring Creek Filter – 7948m
7,502m of pipeline has been completed. The remaining 446m includes a short section on Huntly Road between the rail bore and a creek crossing.

Section 3a: Orange Airport to Spring Hill Reservoir – 4058m
This section is complete.

Section 2: Spring Hill Reservoir to Millthorpe Reservoir – 8550m
6,553m of pipeline has been completed. The remaining 1,997m is currently under construction.

Section 1: Blayney to Millthorpe – 11493m
1,018m of pipeline has been completed. The remaining 1,0475m is currently under construction.

Spring Hill to Orange effluent pipeline – 10000m
5,700m of pipeline has been completed. The remaining 4,300m is currently under construction.

Pump station 1 – Spring Creek Filter
Construction of Pump Station 1 has commenced with site preparation, subsurface excavations and pipeline installations.
The construction of the other 2 pump stations is expected to commence in August.

East Orange Booster Zone
Works have not commenced on the East Orange Booster Zone.

Contractors for this project, Leed Construction have been the target of several malicious incidents resulting in significant financial and time losses. The following incidents have occurred to date:-

  • setting fire to a trenching machine, which was able to be repaired
  • setting fire to an excavator, which was written off
  • deliberate damage caused to wheel loader and grader, which have been repaired
  • deliberate mechanical damage to trenching machine
  • theft of minor equipment eg generator.

As a result of these incidents Leed has established security at various locations and taken the precautions of floating plant back to their main secure compound between work rosters. Floating plant and engagement of security is also a significant cost to Leed. The incidents have been reported to the Police who are investigating.

Council is working closely with John Holland Rail and is anticipated that full approval will be granted in July 2017.

The tender for the contract was advertised on 27 June and a mandatory pre tender site meeting held on 12 July. Tenders close on 16 August and it is anticipated that works will commence in October 2017, with all works to be completed by October 2018.


There were 452 children enrolled in Learn to Swim classes during the last quarter.

Passenger numbers for June 2017 were 5,838 compared with 4,018 during the same month in 2016.

Airport Energy Usage
Energy used at the airport during June 2017 was 24,312.48 kWh at a cost to Council of $4,522.16.

The following information is sourced from E21, Council’s energy software.

Wednesday 19 July 2017