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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Current Works

2 MAY 2017

Consideration has been given to the recommendation’s impact on Council’s service delivery; image and reputation; political; environmental; health and safety; employees; stakeholders and project management; and no further implications or risks have been identified.

Road Maintenance
Maintenance grading works were undertaken before Easter on:

  • Wicks Road
  • Springbank Lane
  • Bulgas Road

Council crews undertook roadside vegetation and drain clearing activities on Canobolas Road following extensive heavy patching and hotmix asphalt works.

Photo – Roadside vegetation and drain clearing Canobolas Road

Limited hotmix patching was undertaken to address pavement defects on Coronation Drive near the high school with works on Woodward Street in the vicinity of Kite Street to follow.

Works commenced on a program of road rehabilitation in the Glenroi area including McNeilly Avenue, Maxwell Avenue, Churchill Avenue and Caroline Street.

Road Upgrading

Clergate Road

Works continued on laying over 1000m of new drainage lines along the new road alignment.

Burrendong Way
Works are progressing on Burrendong Way with blockwork for the retaining walls being laid and pavement reconstruction continuing.

Pinnacle Road
Council’s contractor undertook pavement repairs and widening on Pinnacle Road for a 1.8km section south of Shiralee Road. The works have now been sealed.

North Orange Bypass
Works to address pavement defects with hot mix asphalt between Icely Road and Ophir Road have been completed.  The same contractor will also comple the hotmix asphalt work that started last construction season between The Escort Way and Molong Road with the application of the final wearing surface expected in late April.

Further works to rehabilitate the pavement on the bypass from Icely Road through to the Bathurst Road have been undertaken with a seal planned following Anzac Day.

William Street
Works on William Street were completed between March Street and Dalton Street with some additional patching works undertaken at the Byng Street roundabout.

Ophir Road
Works to upgrade Ophir Road pavement and improve safety between the Resource Recovery Centre and the Distributor Road was undertaken and sealed.  An asphalt surface is planned to be applied at the intersection with the Resource Recovery Centre

New Works
Waratahs Link Road
Footings for street lighting have now been installed and the construction of shared path commenced. The road will be opened once the lights have been commissioned by Essential Energy

Other works
Orange Airport taxiway works
Stage 3 of taxiway Bravo reconstruction has been completed. 

Wentworth and Kenna Street realignment
Council crews are undertaking works to stagger the intersection of Wentworth and Kenna Street to address a documented crash history at this intersection under the National Blackspot Program.


New Works

Footpaths and Cycleways
New footpaths were constructed on Gardiner Road and Franklin Road between Hill Street and Anson Street.

A precast concrete footbridge was placed on Ploughmans Lane over Ploughmans Creek to facilitate a future footpath connection to residential areas west of the Northern Distributor Road intersection. A section of the concrete path that will suit a future cycleway link along Ploughmans Lane was poured to provide part of the eastern link to the footbridge. The RMS have now approved a pedestrian facility to safely cross the Escort Way which includes concrete blister islands.

The RMS has also indicated that there are opportunities to apply for fully funded shared paths along the Escort Way in the future. In light of this information and the future plan to construct a large roundabout at the Escort Way/Ploughmans Lane intersection; large sections of the completed path on the Escort Way will be formed from compacted decomposed granite.

Traffic Facilities

Works are continuing on a kerb blister intersection treatment at Prince and Clinton Streets under the National Blackspot Program.

Council’s contractor has begun the task of constructing a concrete roundabout at the Woodward and Moulder Streets intersection. Alternating closures of Moulder Street to the east and west have been advertised and notification given to residents and affected businesses nearby.

Photo – Excavation works begin at Woodward and Moulder Streets

Footpath and Kerb and Gutter was reconstructed in McNamara Street in line with the plans previously approved by Council.


New Water Services

  • 4a Dimboola Way
  • 270 Leeds Pde 200mm water Connection
  • 48 Silverdown Way
  • 61 Silverdown Way
  • Lot 7 McLachlan Street
  • 288 Hill Street
  • 2 Astill Drive


  • Continuation of Council’s hydrant and valve maintenance program. Current focus areas are:
    • Central Business District
    • Leewood Business Estate
    • South East Orange
    • Orange Schools
  • Nile Street water main renewal is continuing with the relocation of water services

Water Storage Levels

Water Quality
Water samples are collected as a component of the Orange City Council’s Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Program which forms part of the NSW Health requirements. Samples are collected regularly and sent to a National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratory for analysis. Samples collected in March 2017 complied with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, 2011.

Blue-green algae concentrations in Suma Park Dam have remained at low levels since last reported in Current Works on 7 March. Actions, including ongoing monitoring, continue to be implemented in accordance with Council’s Algae Management Plan. At the time of writing (20 April 2017), there had been no taste or odour water quality complaints since blue-green algae counts increased in early December 2016.

Water Consumption
Average daily water consumption during the week ending 20 April 2017 was 183 litres per person per day.



  • The Sewer relining program is nearing completing with 90% of works completed works are expected to be completed by the end of May 2017.

Leed Engineering and Construction have continued to progress these works and have now completed nearly all the base slabs and approximately half the wall sections.  It is estimated that the structural works will be completed by early May and fencing and rehabilitation works should be completed by the end of May. The final cost of this project is likely to exceed the original budgeted amount and will require some funds to be drawn from restricted assets.

Demolition is complete. The large structural timber was auctioned through the works depot on Wednesday 19 April 2017 where a good price was received.

Minor contamination has been identified within the site in the form of localised DDT traces. Consultation is continuing with the Environmental scientist to determine the most appropriate remediation method.

The majority of subdivision civil works are now complete only requiring the finalisation of fill on one block, application will then be made for a subdivision certificate.


Orange City Council is continuing the development of the Central Tablelands Regional Water Security Pipeline Project from Orange to Carcoar. A sod turning ceremony was held on 18 April 2017 to kick-off construction of this project. This project is funded under the Restart NSW Water Security for Regions Program to improve water access and security in the areas serviced by Orange City Council (OCC) and Central Tablelands Water (CTW).

Cabonne Council is also developing a pipeline project under the same Restart funding program, and to achieve economies of scale it was agreed to work with Cabonne and submit concurrent tenders. The tenders for the Orange to Carcoar Project and the Cabonne Project have been awarded to Leed Engineering and Constructions. Leed commenced construction for the Orange to Carcoar Project on 3 April 2017. Leed have completed 90% of the Cabonne Project.

This project is within budget and on track to meet the completion date of 30 June 2018.


Orange City Council has secured funding for the duplication of the Forest Road Rail Bridge. The $2.5M project has been funded 50/50 with NSW Restart Program and Federal Bridges Renewal Program.

A concept design has been completed for which John Holland Rail has granted in-principle approval. The final detailed design has been completed and reviewed by an independent design consultant.  The Review of Environmental Factors (REF) has been completed and was posted on 28 day public exhibition on 8 April 2017.

Council is working closely with John Holland Rail and is anticipated that full approval will be granted in June 2017.
The tender for the contract is being developed and is proposed that works will commence in September 2017, with all works will be completed by July 2018.


Passenger numbers for March 2017 were 5,424 compared with 4,589 during the same month in 2016.

Airport Energy Usage
Energy used at the airport during March 2017 was 22,047kWh at a cost to Council of $4,087.89.

The following information is sourced from E21, Council’s energy software.