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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Current Works



Consideration has been given to the recommendation’s impact on Council’s service delivery; image and reputation; political; environmental; health and safety; employees; stakeholders and project management; and no further implications or risks have been identified.


Road Maintenance

Road maintenance activities have progressed across the city with Council’s mechanical jet patching unit. Hot mix asphalt repair works have been restricted due to mechanical issues with crucial plant.

Road Upgrading

Cargo Road

Clearing of trees and earthworks for the road widening have begun with Council work crews.

Council’s contractors have begun the laying of over 1km of stormwater drainage.  Works are progressing, however the location of conflicting service mains has caused some delay and redesign.

Forest Road - Bloomfield

The road formation was completed and kerbs and median islands poured in the area adjacent to the base hospital. 

Works progressed on laying drainage pipes north of the hospital entrance and Council’s contractor completing some road crossings for services for the new private hospital via direct engagement from the development proponent.

Forest Road – Spring Hill

A seal was placed on the newly widened and strengthened pavement at Spring Hill. New guard rail was installed on the Northern side of Forest Road at the Beasley road intersection.

Wicks Road

The dead end of Wicks Road was reshaped and sealed to address the effects of overland flow on some downstream properties.

Airport Taxiway

Taxiway Delta was stripped and resealed.

Hot Mix Asphalt

Council’s contractors undertook pavement repairs at Mitchell Parade and Tynan Street at their intersection with Anson Street.



Crews responded to programmed and reactive maintenance needs including:

  • Root cutting to clear blocked pipes at the Woodward Street end of Byng Street

  • Path segment replacement in Hill Street between Prince and March Street

  • Repair of pavers in Summer Street

  • Clean out of gross pollutant trap on the East Orange Channel

  • Pipes were extended and drains cleared on Canobolas Road. Further work will be required in the new budget year to rectify some issues identified during the clean out works.

New Works

Southern Link Cycleway

Works progressed on the grant funded Southern Link Cycleway with fencing and concrete works being completed within the James Sheahan easement. Contractors are completing two boardwalks and undertaking landscaping activities.

Photo: Boardwalk fabrication for Southern Link cycleway

Footpath rehabilitation

Footpath rehabilitation works were undertaken in Byng Street between Spring and Nile Streets and works also began on path replacement in Sampson Street between Summer and Byng Streets.


New Water Services

  • 40mm water service at 6 Ophir Street

  • 100mm fire service and 32mm domestic service at 398 Summer Street

  • 200mm water service extension on Forest Road

  • Water services on William Maker Drive

  • 50mm service for Spring Hill Rural Fire Shed

  • 1 Lily Place dual water service 


Water Storage Levels

Raw Water Transfers

Raw water transfers from the various sources into Suma Park Dam in recent months are provided in the table below.

* bores include two at Clifton Grove and one at the Showground

Information on the Decision Support Tool, which is used to determine the need for the transfer of supplementary raw water sources, and a more detailed monthly summary of raw water transfers can be found on Council’s website at


Drinking Water Quality

Water samples are collected as a component of Orange City Council’s Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Program which forms part of the NSW Health requirements. Samples are collected regularly and sent to a NSW Government National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratory for analysis. Samples collected in April 2018 complied with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, 2011.

Blue-green algae concentrations in Suma Park Dam have remained at low levels.

Water Consumption

Average daily water consumption during the week ending 17 May 2018 was 176 litres per person per day.

The average daily city-wide water consumption for the two weeks ending 18 May 2018 was 13.37ML.

Council is currently on Level 2 water restrictions with a total combined storage level of 58.84%.


Sewer Reconstruction Works

  • 4 Phoenix Place sewer junction renewal

  • 133 Warrendine Street junction renewal

  • 7 Linden Avenue junction renewal

  • 5 Linden Avenue junction renewal

  • 9 Linden Avenue junction renewal

  • 11 Linden Avenue junction renewal

Sewer Construction Works

  • Maintenance shaft installation at 6 Ophir Street

  • 1 Lily Place sewer junction

  • Council’s contractor undertaking the sewer relining is nearing completion of sewer junction rehabilitation. Works are expected to be completed in early June.


During commissioning a design issue was identified which requires some additional components to be manufactured in the United States and shipped back to site before being installed and final commissioning taking place. While this will cause a significant delay, the contractor has proposed a solution that should provide superior functionality compared to the concept design. The contractor has also given an undertaking that the pipe will be fully commissioned by November 2018. 

It is currently anticipated there will be some saving from this job which could allow additional works to occur in both the Orange Council area and the Central Tablelands Water area. A proposal is currently being developed to submit to Infrastructure NSW for their consideration.

Difficulty is still being experienced identifying the remaining holes in the Orange to Spring Hill sewer line. Council has engaged Pure Technologies who use a “smart ball” to travel along the pipe and acoustically identify leaks. It is hoped that this technology will identify the leaks to an accuracy of about two metres.


The contractors who undertook construction on the Suma Park Dam upgrade have returned to site to rectify minor defects. These works include the adjustment of sealing rubbers and the repair of concrete cracking. The sealing rubbers have been rectified which completes all work on the upstream side of the fuse gates. The remaining works are to occur downstream, hence if the dam fills access is still available to complete the works.  Currently rectification products are being reviewed to determine if their performance is affected by low temperatures. If there is concern, further rectification may be postponed to warmer months.


The majority of earthworks are complete and the concrete walkway, which also acts as a spillway is being constructed. Hydro-seeding and the planting of the base of the basin will occur in the next few weeks.


Passenger numbers for April 2018 were 5,823 compared with 4,701 in the same month in 2017.


Airport Energy Usage

Energy used at the airport during April 2018 was 21,150.16 kWh at a cost to Council of $5,365.43.


The following information is sourced from E21, Council’s energy software.

21 May 2018