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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Current Works



Road Maintenance

Road maintenance activities have been ongoing across the City including;

  • Programmed patching works ahead of the annual reseal program

  • Programmed and reactive pothole patching.

The annual road crack sealing program commenced Monday 22 January. Roads completed to time of writing this report are:

The crack sealing program is undertaken as pavement preservation treatment to waterproof existing asphalt seals with a hot poured, rubberised bitumen.

Road Resealing

The 17/18 road resealing program commenced on 9 January 2018 and is 95% complete. Roads completed to time of writing this report are:

Road Upgrading

Clergate Road

At the time of writing this report half of the street lights were still awaiting commissioning by Essential Energy.  Council staff have made representations to Essential Energy in an effort to have the switching on of all of the lights expedited.

Burrendong Way

Council crews completed pavement works for the reconstruction and widening of the final stage of Burrendong Way, north of the Distributor Road and the road was sealed prior to Christmas. Council crews are scheduled to return to complete some minor drainage works once they have finished at Icely Road and Winter Street. Completion of guardrail works are scheduled to be carried out by Council’s contractor in February.

Leeds Parade

Council has commenced the 1600 metre road rehabilitation of Leeds Parade from Margaret Street to the Northern Distributor Road (NDR) roundabout.

Road rehabilitation works from north of Honeyman Drive to Margaret Street have been completed and sealed. Hot mix asphalt overlays at the Phillip Street and Margaret Street intersections have been completed. The centreline has been set out for line marking.

Road stabilising works between Honeyman Drive and the NDR are approximately 50% complete. A sacrificial temporary bitumen road seal from the guard rail north of Honeyman Drive towards the NDR was installed to provide a weatherproof seal over the Christmas holidays. This seal will be reworked when work resumes in late January.

Kite Street

Asphalt was laid over the new seal between Hill Street and Sampson Street in December. Line marking is scheduled to be undertaken by early February. All of the concrete work for the new pedestrian blisters at the Clinton Street intersection has been done, with the garden beds remaining to be completed.

NDR upgrading

The asphalt reconstruction works between Anson Street and Clergate Road were completed by Council’s contractor as night works during January. Line marking is scheduled for late January.

Anson Street

Council has commenced the road rehabilitation of Anson Street, from Moulder Street to Torpy Street, at the Orange Public School. Road stabilisation with cementitious admixtures has been completed and sealed with a fabric bitumen seal. A hot mix asphalt overlay has since been applied.

James Sheahan High School

The upgrade of an internal road was carried out in January. Work on their existing internal road was carried out as part of the Southern Link Cycleway project, with an extension of that internal road done at the school’s cost as a private works job.

Wicks Road

Vegetation clearing, drainage and gravelling works were undertaken. Crews will be undertaking further gravelling to improve the pavement quality ahead of sealing works programmed for late February/early March.

Cargo Road

Works began on the Cargo Road (west) upgrading project with the installation of subsoil drains to intercept groundwater entering the pavement profile.

Icely Road and Winter Street Roundabout

Council has commenced the construction of the mountable concrete centre ring, asphalt roundabout at the intersection of Icely Road, Winter Street and Wakeford Street. Kerb and gutter changes were completed in December.

During excavation works, significant quantities of ground water were encountered causing inundation to the site via utility service trenches. Council’s water crew spent nearly two weeks excavating and checking the multitude of water and other underground services within the immediate area and could not locate the source of the water. Water samples taken and tested at the site could not confirm that the water source was either naturally occurring or introduced through a piped system.

To keep works moving a subsoil drain has been installed in Winter Street to drain the intersection allowing works to continue.

Additional replacement of the disturbed natural subgrade material has also been required in order to achieve the required pavement strength.

At the time of writing this report, the subgrade was being compacted for conformance and testing.

Draining the site has put the works approximately two weeks behind schedule. It is planned now to maintain the current road closure until all the works are complete. This will unfortunately impact on the restart of the school term.  Council staff have been liaising with Canobolas High and Orange Bus Lines regarding the extended closure.


New Works

Footpath construction

Works continue to be undertaken to provide a safe crossing point for pedestrians and cyclists on Coronation Drive at Ploughmans Lane as part of funding provided by Transport for NSW under its Cycling Towns programme. Blockwork for retaining walls, handrail installation and a new centre median construction was undertaken. Some additional minor works including tactile indicators and a safety fence are expected to be completed in February with landscaping to be completed in March.

Photo: Coronation Drive

A new footpath was also poured in Winter Street leading up to the new roundabout works.

Footpath rehabilitation

Footpath rehabilitation works are ongoing in Bardia Avenue from Maxwell Avenue to Glenroi Avenue (South side)

Footpath Maintenance

Footpath maintenance works were undertaken in:

  • Sampson Street

  • Woodward Road

  • Kite Street

  • Coronation Drive (at Orange High)

  • Summer Street (CBD pavers)

  • Summer Street (hot mix asphalt).

Kerb and Gutter Maintenance

Kerb and gutter maintenance works were undertaken in:

  • Heatherbrae Parade

  • Heath Close

  • Little Warrendine Street

  • Elsham Avenue

  • Frank Street (multiple)

  • Hill Street

Drainage Maintenance

Drainage maintenance works were undertaken in:

  • Gross pollutant trap at Dalton Street and Margarete Stevenson Park

  • Icely Road

  • Central Business District


Hydrant and Valves Inspection and Maintenance Program

Council’s Water and Sewer staff have now completed 100% of the planned inspections for the hydrant and valve maintenance program. Identifying a number of defects that they are continuing to work through.

New Water Services

  • 8 Kirkwood Place


  • Completed the renewal of the water mains located in Frederica Street and Windred Street Orange. These works close out the planned water main renewals for 2017/18.Planning works for 2018/19 water mains renewals program have commenced.

  • Undertaken the replacement of a 150mm water main located under the proposed roundabout at the Winter Street and Icely Road intersection.

  • Completed two 150mm tapping for the development on William Maker Drive.


Water Storage Levels

Raw Water Transfers

A Decision Support Tool meeting was held on 14 December 2017 to determine the need to continue the transfer of supplementary raw water sources to Suma Park Dam during the January to March quarter. A Bureau of Meteorology forecast for neutral conditions, in combination with higher demands as warm temperatures prevail, generated the need for continued operation of all supplementary supplies in the upcoming quarter.

Raw water transfers from the various sources into Suma Park Dam in recent months are provided in the table below.

            * bores include two at Clifton Grove and one at the Showground

Information on the Decision Support Tool and a more detailed monthly summary of raw water transfers can be found on Council’s website at http://www.orange.nsw.gov.au/site/index.cfm?display=604698.

Ploughmans Valley North Orange Dual Reticulation Scheme

Treated stormwater (5,980 kL) was distributed to dual reticulation customers between 18 December and 20 December 2017. Whilst the presence of some colour in the water prompted complaints from a number of residents, external laboratory analysis from a sample collected during the period of concern provided assurance that the treatment process was providing excellent water quality. Staff are investigating means to minimise visual impacts of colour, suspected to be from safe levels of manganese, during future transfers.

During the colour incident a dirty drinking water complaint was received from a residential property. Investigations found the issue to be a cross-connection to the property which was wrongly connected at the meter by a private plumber. Whilst the resident reported that they did not drink the water once they noticed the discolouration, the water quality was of a standard that is considered to present minimal risk. Incident management processes according to Council’s Recycled Water Management System have been applied with a focus on means to mitigate future risk, with actions including; contact with NSW Health, discussions with the private plumber, review of the plumber’s other work on the Scheme (which is minimal), review of Council’s inspection procedures, and continued household audits. 

Drinking Water Quality

Water samples are collected as a component of Orange City Council’s Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Program which forms part of the NSW Health requirements. Samples are collected regularly and sent to a NSW Government National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratory for analysis. Samples collected in November 2017, December 2017 and the first round in January 2018 (as at the time of writing) complied with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, 2011.

In accordance with Council’s Drinking Water Management System, NSW Health were contacted on 9 January 2018 when operator concerns were raised over fluoride dosing levels. Concerns were allayed when it was discovered that a faulty calibration standard issued by an instrument supplier was generating false results. The dosing system was switched off on Tuesday 9 January, and re-instated on Thursday 11 January, resulting in a low fluoride concentration in the reticulation system, with no impact on health. An incident report is being compiled with a view to minimise the risk of the issue recurring.

Blue-green algae concentrations in Suma Park Dam have dropped to very low levels since last reported in Current Works.

Water Consumption

Average daily water consumption during the week ending 18 January 2018 was 250 litres per person per day.


Sewer Reconstructions

  • Linden Avenue sewer reconstruction - one of six completed.

Sewer Construction

  • Quest Apartments sewer diversion.


Pre-commissioning of the project has occurred during the early weeks of January which has included disinfection of the pipeline and pump stations.

Full commissioning will commence following the Australia Day weekend and will consist of operating the pipeline under each of the design scenarios.

Remaining works include the completion of telemetry and optimisation of the chlorine dosing facilities.

Currently the contractors are attending to defects and the rehabilitation along the pipeline corridor.  The date for practical completion of this portion of the project is 7 March 2018.

A variation has been issued to install 300m of trunk main along the Lake Rowlands raw water line in lieu of a pump station and balance tank.  Material for this pipeline will be delivered to site in early February.

Of the 10km of effluent vandalised pipeline 8km has been fully repaired. Further investigation is still required on the remaining 2km.


Passenger numbers for November 2017 were 6,671 compared with 5,339 in the same month in 2016 and numbers for December 2017 were 4,907 compared with 3,687 in the same month in 2016.

Airport Energy Usage

Energy used at the airport during November 2017 was 20,058.60 kWh at a cost to Council of $3,818.88 and during December 2017 19,306.08 kwh was used at a cost of $3,781.26.


The following information is sourced from E21, Council’s energy software.

Friday 19 January 2018