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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Operation Never Again

Community Safety Projects have been developed as an outcome of the Orange Crime Prevention Plan process in recent years. Projects have included the development of a skate park, a youth needs assessment and recreational survey, Community Safety Audits, improved lightening in Robertson Park, the Merge Holiday Activity Program and the "Wingman" Look After Your Mates project.

Operation Never Again

Operation Never Again is a crime prevention initiative which aims to reduce break and enter and theft offences and stop further victimisation of residential locations.  The program aims:

  • To encourage the community to embrace hardening of their premises as a legitimate crime prevention measure
  • To achieve a better outcome for victims
  • To improve the police response to repeat victimisation
  • To achieve a more coordinated response by police, other Government departments and non Government departments.

There are three phases of Operation Never again - victims support, proactive hardening and business solutions.

  • Phase One - after the initial break in, an information package is sent to the victim on crime prevention and home security.  The Orange Police offer to mark or engrave property and there is an offer of a discount on home security equipment at local hardware stores.
  • Phase Two - if broken into a second time the Police Community Safety Officer will attend to do a security audit and property engraving.  At this stage there is an offer to install a house alarm for 90 days (with option to purchase it afterward); fit window locks and upgrade security at entrances.  Police will include the premises in their regular patrols.
  • Phase Three - if broken into a third time there will be a visit by the Police Community Safety Officer who will arrange for daily attention by the Target Arrest Team. There will be a monitored alarm for 90 days and video surveillance system may be installed if deemed necessary.

Operation Never Again was evaluated by the Western Research Institute who found that:

  • There has been a decline in "first time" and repeat break and enter offences in Orange since the start of Operation Never Again and tests show that this is statistically significant
  • The rate of decline in residential break and enter crime in Orange is greater than that in NSW, which suggests local factors such as Operation Never Again may be the cause
  • It appears that security is being upgraded in homes across Orange as part of Operation Never Again.
  • The most common items purchased to upgrade security are new locks and deadlocks for windows and doors 

Orange City Council acknowledges funding from the Crime Prevention Division of the NSW Attorney General's Department, which has assisted in the implementation of community safety projects.