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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Community Services

Orange City Council seeks to support the community by developing and providing a range of community services that meet the identified needs of the community. Council works with local partners to plan and implement community development projects that improve safety and build on community capacity and spirit.


Supporting Our Community

The Council's Community Services sector provides a huge range of services to the community with a focus ranging from young people to the elderly. One of the key aims of Community Services is to ensure that all sectors of the community have access to the support and facilities that serve their needs. Services that come under the Community Services banner include child care, youth services, ageing and disability services, road safety, migrant services and community planning.

The City Council's community services section also fosters crime prevention partnerships that have developed and secured programs such as Alcohol Free Zones; the Parental Responsibility Act - ensuring children found in public places and considerred to be at risk are taken home or to a safe place; the Operation Never Again Program - a project that actively promotes security of homes and vehicles, and supporting victims of break-ins; and CBD Crime Prevention Through CCTV.