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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Environmental Learning Facility

The Environmental Learning Facility (ELF) is a multi-functional centre for learning. It is designed to provide a working demonstration of the technologies available for developing more ecologically sustainable lifestyles.

The target audience and users of the facility will be varied as the purpose of the facility is to provide a focal point for research and learning, linking communities, business and learning institutions across the NetWaste region and beyond, thus acting as a virtual learning facility.

This facility will promote action research and facilitate collaboration between the tertiary sector, secondary schools, councils and community groups to enhance environmental learning. The focus is to change culture and increase community partnerships in addressing environmental impacts, particularly in the resource recovery and environmental management areas.

NetWaste, as a major partner in the development and long-term supporter of the Environmental Learning Facility (ELF) endorsed the establishment of this innovative project in Orange at the Orange Showground.

NetWaste comprises 26 Councils across the Central West and Orana regions of NSW and has been instrumental in providing cost effective resource sharing opportunities between Councils. Its primary focus is now concentrating on Regional Waste Management and environmental planning initiatives.

Work commenced on the construction of the facility in April 2003. Support from the community, business and TAFE has been astounding. Sponsorship support exceeded $100,000 in material, labour and in-kind assistance. This clearly demonstrates the community's commitment to enhancing our regional environment through a practical project.

The Showground site offers a range of innovative, state-of-theart technologies located in the nearby vicinity. These include :

  • the Ozonation Water Treatment facility,
  • an integrated Resource Reprocessing Waste Management Centre,
  • a Sewerage Treatment Plant &Quarry and,
  • water catchments flowing into Blackman's Swamp Creek and ultimately the catchment of the Macquarie.

Walking trails to these areas of interest can be incorporated into the learning experience offered to our target audience.

Aside from the practical uses of the building, the development of this facility will also provide a model for future development of like facilities at other showgrounds in the NetWaste region.

If you would like to find out more information about this key educational resource, contact Orange City Council's Manager Waste & Technical Support, Mr Wayne Davis on email wdavis@orange.nsw.gov.au or by phone on 02 6393 8113 during business hours.

Please note that the brochure is designed to be printed using both sides of the paper to form a booklet.

 Brochure Environmental Learning Facility (2.12MB)