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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Orange Regional Airport

Orange Regional Airport is a key transport hub for the central west, providing daily passenger connections with Sydney and a base for a growing number of aero-industry businesses.

The airport is located 15 kilometres south east of Orange. By car, the airport is 15 minutes drive from the centre of Orange.

Regional Express Airlines  ( www.rex.com.au ) provides regular passenger services between Orange and Sydney. The annual passenger numbers are between 55,000 and 60,000.The airport services a large regional area with 25 return flights to Sydney each week. For flight information ring Regional Express on 131713 or 02 6365 5263.

Fly Corporate provides daily, return weekday flights between Orange and Brisbane offering business travellers an effective, convenient direct service to the Queensland Capital, Brisbane. For holiday makers it also provides the opportunity to escape for a get-away weekend in Brisbane, Gold Coast or on the Sunshine Coast and surrounds. See more about Fly Corporate flights to Orange here.

The airport is owned, operated and maintained by Orange City Council. The City Council is aware of the importance of this gateway to Orange and the surrounding region and has continued to improve the quality of this facility.

For general airport enquiries ring Orange City Council on 02 6393 8000.

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Airport Expansion

With federal, state, local council and private sector funding a major $19 million expansion of the Orange Airport was completed in 2015.

Airport Buildings

The new airport terminal includes :

  • an airline office,
  • supervisor's office,
  • passenger lounge,
  • check-in desk,
  • meeting room,
  • baggage carosel,
  • coffee shop,
  • toilets,
  • car rental desks
  • nearby parking area.

There are also 11 private hangars, 3 sheds and a T-hangar complex.

The new terminal building was completed in 2014

Airport Businesses

A range of businesses are based around the Orange airport. Please send updates to this list to areeder@orange.nsw.gov.au

Contact Details
Orange Flight Centre Training Flight training 02 + 6365 5503 ....  0414 701 387
Thomas Aviation Flight training, joy flights 0428 359 590 thomasaviation@hotmail.com
Central West Helicopter School Flight training, joy flights & charter 02 + 6365 5479 www.centralwesthelicopterschool.com.au info@centralwesthelicopterschool.com.au
R&M Aircraft Air fire operations 0437 871 225    rohan@rmaircraft.com.au    www.rmaircraft.com.au
Wade Air Avgas fuel, aviation radios and GPS equipment 02 + 6365 5111
City and Country Air Charters Charter flights, joy flights, travel

Andrew Marsh 0418 450 321 andrew@cityandcountryaircharters.com.au  www.cityandcountryaircharters.com.au


Aircraft Assemblers Australia 

Aircraft maintenance and aircraft hire

02 + 6365 5490
Orange Helicopters Charter & joy flights 02 + 6365 3731 ... 0438 270 370, www.orangehelicopters.com.au
Aero Refuellers Jet A1 supply 0456 670 267
Orange Aero Club   www.orangeaeroclub.com.au


Car rentals 02 + 6361 9977
Hertz Car rentals 02 + 6362 0644
Orange Taxis Taxis 02 + 6325 0099

Airport Technical Information :

Click the image to download an aerial map of the Orange airport.


The main runway (11/29) has a chip sealed surface and was reconstructed in 2014. The pavement is 30 metres wide by 2,213 metres long. The runway now has a classification of 39/F/C/X/T.

The cross runway (04/22) is clay-[based and maintained as grass-covered and is 30 metres wide and  900 metres long.

  • Taxiway Alpha leads from the main runway to the apron in front of the terminal.
  • Taxiway Bravo leads form the main apron west to the end of 11 runway.
  • Taxiway Charlie leads from Taxiway Bravo to the general aviation area, private hangars and Avgas refuelling.
  • Taxiway Delta leads from Taxiway Bravo south to the general aviation area on the western side of the T-hangars.
  • Taxiway Echo leads from Taxiway Bravo to Runway 04.
  • There are four designated parking spaces on the main apron.

Landing Aids

  • There is pilot-activated, medium-intensity lighting on Runway 11/29 and Taxiway Alpha. Lights are activated through the Pilot-Activated Lighting System on frequency 119.0.
  • Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) lights are located on the left hand approach side of 11 and 29.
  • Runway Threshold Identification Lights are located on both 11 and 29.
  • There are three illuminated wind indicators located on the aerodrome.

Automatic Weather Station

The automatic weather station is located to the north of the primary wind indicator. The weather information can be accessed by radio on frequency 128.8 or by phone: 02 + 6365 5186.


The air space around Orange airport is non-controlled. All aircraft communicate using CTAF frequency 119.0. This frequency has an Aerodrome Frequency Response Unit (AFRU) to advise pilots they are on the correct frequency.

Emergency Power

The airport has an emergency stand-by generator that is automatically switched on when there is a mains power failure.

Fuel Suppliers

There are three fuel suppliers at Orange aerodrome.

Avgas : Wade Air 02 + 6365 5111
Av-tur & JETA1 : Aero Refeullers 0456 670 267
Weekends by arrangement  
Jet A1 : Orange Helicopters Fuel Tanker

0438 270 370

0438 270 374