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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Leash Free Areas

Orange City Council maintains special areas in Orange where your dog can run around leash-free. When using leash-free areas and other permitted areas of public open space you:

  • should make sure that your dog/s are under effective control at all times
  • must pick up and dispose of your dog's faeces.

All dogs are prohibited within :

 German Shepherd dog
  • 10 m of any play equipment for the use of children
  • 10 m of any apparatus provided for the preparation of food or for the consumption of food by humans ie barbecue areas
  • an area set aside for the playing of organised games ie sporting fields

The leash-free exercising of greyhounds in Council parks and reserves is prohibited.

Leash-free areas are provided at Paul Park, Pilcher Park, Wirrabarra Walk, Rosewood Oval, Ridley Oval and Bloomfield Park. For information about Orange's leash free areas and maps showing their locations, please read the following brochure - Leash free areas