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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

How to save money when taking rubbish to the Resource Recovery CentreTake your e-waste to the tip for free

Here's some handy hints to reduce your costs when taking household items direct to the Resurce Recovery Centre.


Kitchen & Garden Waste BinsgrEEN bIN

Orange residents are taking their next steps in their journey with recycling and organic waste collection. The 'Kitchen & Garden Waste' service began in July 2013.

Here you can find out more background information about:

Replacement BinsrED bIN

If your bin is damaged, you can order a new replacement bin online.

What day is my yellow-bin collected?Yellow bin

You can see the maps showing which areas of Orange have their yellow-lidded recycling bins collections on which days.

Waste & Recycling Collection GuideWaste booklet guide 2018

You can find out more about how Orange City Council manages waste & recycling by downloading the 2018 Waste booklet.

Recycling Resources

You can learn more about how to do recycling better in this series of facts sheets.

Fees & Charges

Find out the current charges for taking different sorts of waste to the Resource Recovery Centre Waste fees & charges 2018-2019

Contact a local waste management facility

You can read details of how to contact a local waste management facility.

Ban on bee equipmentClick for more inforamtion about the ban on bee products and Equipment

There is a ban on any bee-keeping equipment or products being dumped at any Waste Facility in Orange. This notice provides more details and background information about the ban.

The Orange Waste Project

The Orange Waste Project includes the construction of new facilities at the Ophir Rd Resources Recovery Centre and the building of a new $7.7 million facility at Euchareena Road, near Molong.

You can find the official documents which relate to the Orange Waste Project here.


NetWaste is a collaborative waste and resource management project sponsored by the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change and the Central West (CENTROC) and Orana Regional Organisation of Councils (OROC), located in the central and western regions of New South Wales.

The region comprises 28 councils, covering a total area of 412,308 square kilometres and supports a population of more than 380,000 people. Orange City Council is a member Council of NetWaste.

To find out more information on NetWaste visit www.netwaste.org.au)