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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Collection Days

To ensure your red and green bins are collected every week, make sure you put the bins out in the street early on the morning on the day when collections happen, or if convenient, on the night before.

The yellow bin is collected on alternate weeks, Week A or Week B.

To check which day the yellow bin will be collected at your address on which dates, click on each day's map to see an expanded view of each street in Orange.


Monday 2017


Tuesday 2017


Wednesday 2017


Thursday 2017


Friday 2017

Check this calender to see when your recycling bin will be collected. 

2018 collection days

 Which bin for what rubbish? 

Which bin for which rubbish?


 You can find more information about Orange City Council's recycling strategies in the  Orange waste guide..