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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Parking in Orange

Orange City Council regulates parking around Orange with the aim of delivering safety for drivers and pedestrians, and sharing the available parking spaces fairly.

Parking areas are provided by the City Council to ensure Orange's retail and business areas are accessible and fairly available to all. The Council regulates parking in these areas by putting limits on the permitted parking time.

Parking Fines

While Orange City Council employs parking rangers to enforce local parking zone regulations, the council pays the State Debt Recovery Office to handle the payment of fines as well as deal with any disputes over parking fines.

If you receive a parking infringement notice you should contact www.sdro.nsw.gov.au to resolve any issues you may have.

Number Plate Recognition enforcement system

npr camera.. single click to see larger imageOrange City Council is intriduting a new number plate recognition (NPR) system to better enfoirce time-limited parking aroun dhe Orange CBD.

You can find out more about the introduction of the new system here.

Residential Parking Scheme

Orange City Council has a limited ‘Residential Parking Scheme’ which is aimed at assisting residents who live in time-limited parking zone areas.

In two defined areas of Orange where there is a very strong demand for parking during business hours, Orange City has established a card-based scheme to let residents park outside their homes without being booked.

The scheme is limited to two areas.

  • Kite Street (between Endsleigh Ave and Edward St) opposite the NSW DPI Head Office (162 to 180 Kite Street)
  • Anson Street between Moulder and Kite Streets (167 to 177 Anson Street).

The scheme is open to residents only, not business tenants . Property owners need to ensure that any new tenants are notified to apply to the City Council for a card which is placed inside the car where it can be seen by a parking inspector.

Parking leafThe cards include the car rego numbers and must be clearly displayed on the dashboard within the vehicle. New cards are issued every financial year and are issued to residents only. If the owner lives elsewhere, it’s their tenant who is entitled to the card.