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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Orange Local Environmental Plan 2011

The Orange Local Environment Plan (LEP) 2011 is the principal planning instrument for the City of Orange.

It's a 'blue-print' which guides the future development of the Orange area.

The plan contains statutory controls which provide the framework for development in Orange.

The purpose of the plan is to encourage and promote development within the city that complements and enhances the natural and cultural (including social and economic) resources of the city.

How to access the Orange LEP 2011

The Orange LEP 2011 is a large and complex document.

It contains both maps (which illustrate the zoning of each area of the city) and text (which contains detailed outlines of  which land use activities can happen in each zone).

  • Know the zoning of your property ?

Link to Orange LEP 2011 websiteIf you already know the zoning of your property, then you should read the Orange LEP 2011 document to see the details of what land use activities can happen in that zone.

 The most up-to-date version of the Orange LEP 2011 can be found on the State Government website.

A contents list can be found on the left-hand side of the page.

  •  Don't know the zoning of your property ?

If you don't know the zoning of your property, the LEP maps are a good way to find out. There is one overall map of the whole of Orange and many detailed individual maps which show the zoning of each property.

1. Locate your property on the overall mapLink to overall Orange LEP 2011 map

To see which maps apply to the part of Orange where you live, first download this Orange LEP 2011 Map of Orange.

Use the 'Zoom in'  feature to see where you live, and then note the map's grid reference. eg. 008A for the area in south-west Orange.

2. Find the right detailed zoning map

The Orange LEP 2011 State Government site contains a list of all the individual zoning maps.

The maps are grouped in sections which detail factors such as Zoning, Lot Size, Height of Buildings and Heritage.

To open the maps list, click here.

Scroll through the (long) list and click on each of the maps with your grid reference to find your property. Then, note the zoning of  your property.

eg. the grid reference for the part of Orange labelled '008A' can be found in the left-hand side column of the maps list under the heading for 'Land Use Zones. In the next column, click on the title named  '6150_COM_LZN_008A_010_20111205'  to see the individual map. Find your property on that map, and note your zoning.

3.  Find what your zoning means

Next, find the zoning of your property in the Orange LEP 2011 document to see what land-use activities are permitted in that zone.

Former Environmental Plan

The LEP 2011 repeals the previous version, the Orange Local Environmental Plan 2000.

While LEP 2000 is no longer in effect it can be examined for research or historical purposes via this link.

   Orange Local Environmental Plan 2000 (270KB)