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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Tours of Council Facilities

Orange City Council has a range of facilities and recreation areas and, where appropriate, welcomes tours of these venues.

In order to prevent accidents, to assist schools and others agencies to prepare for and manage these tours, the City Council has undertaken Risk Assessments of all its facilities. Links to these assessment documents are provided below for individuals, organisations or schools wishing to use or tour these sites.

It is important for the visiting organisations to be aware that it remains responsible for the students/participants at all times.

Council staff may guide the activity, however, total supervision remains the sole responsibility of the school/organisation.

It is also the responsibility of the visiting organisation to ensure that the visit is endorsed and covered by the school’s/organisation’s public liability and other relevant insurance.

If minors (students under the age of 18) are visiting a Council facility, it is the organiser’s responsibility to ensure parental consent and other relevant insurance has been arranged before the visit.


These documents are designed to assist school staff in preparing risk assessments for groups visiting these Council facilities.

Teachers/ organisers must review the 'Venue and Safety Information' form and the 'Risk Assessment & Control Plan' sections which are contained in each of these documents.

Adventure Playground [63KB].pdf Aquatic Centre [65KB].pdf
Botanic Gardens [63KB].pdf Cook Park [63KB].pdf
Council Chambers [106KB].pdf Elephant Park [62KB].pdf
Environmental Learning Facility ELF [62KB].pdf Orange Function Centre [61KB].pdf
Orange Regional Gallery [61KB].pdf Gosling Creek Reserve [62KB].pdf
Lake Canobolas [66KB].pdf Orange City Library [52KB].pdf
Orange Civic Theatre [59KB].pdf Resource Recovery Centre [58KB].pdf
Sewage Treatment Plant [57KB].pdf