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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Cr Kevin Duffy

Kevin Duffy





0418 652 499



Sandra and Kevin Duffy pioctured at theirf wedding.. Single-click to see larger image
Sandra & Kevin Duffy are pictured at their wedding ... Single-click to see a larger image.

I have lived in the Orange region all my life and was raised in a long-standing family of the region.

I am married to Sandra and have 4 adult children, who have given us 7 grandchildren.

I was educated at St Joseph's Borenore (Now the ‘Old Convent’), De La Salle College in Orange and Santa Maria College in Orange.

I have been actively involved in ‘Parents & Friends’ associations at Sacred Heart Infants, St Josephs and James Sheahan High School. I worked with others at Sheahan towards the construction of The Mercy Hall.

Sport & Recreation

Enjoying a cricket game ... Single-click to see larger image
Enjoying a cricket game ... Single-click to see larger image

I have actively participated in cricket, rugby league, rugby union and tennis, where I represented Orange and Western Districts.

I was pleased to participate across all aspects of each sport, including administration, coaching, training and playing.

Past President or Committee Member of:

  • President Orange District Cricket association
  • President Orange CYMS Group X Rugby League
  • President Orange CYMS Cricket Club
  • Secretary Manildra Group X1 Rugby League Club
  • Represented Orange at Cricket, Rugby League, Tennis,
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Cricket Coach
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Rugby League Coach
  • Level 1 Fitness Trainer
  • Level 11 Sports Medicine

Public Life

It has been a natural progression for me that I became actively involved in public life, having stood for State and Federal Parliament and Local Government on a number of occasions.

This is my first term on Orange City Council after serving 11 years on the rural Cabonne Council, serving as Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Orange City Council

My goals as a member of Orange City Council are to:

  • work closely with councillors to achieve good relationships with neighbouring Councils,
  • support existing businesses while at the same time encouraging new industries to our region and
  • improve infrastructure such as roads, parks and sporting facilities.

I am 100% supportive of the new museum, airport expansion, and proposed planetarium.

In general I will work to represent the needs and views of citizens and ratepayers of our region.


  • Finance Policy Committee
  • Orange and Cabonne Road Safety Community Committee
  • Spring Hill Community Committee


  • Bicycling Community Committee
  • Lucknow Community Committee
  • Airport Community Committee
  • Clifton Grove Community Committee
  • Economic Development Community Committee
  • Sister Cities Community Committee
  • Bushfire Liaison Committee
  • Bushfire Management Committee


Cabonne Council

 While serving as Mayor of Cabonne, the Duffy family met Australia Day Ambassador and actor Paula Duncan ... Single-click to see larger image.
While serving as Mayor of Cabonne, the Duffy family met Australia Day Ambassador and actor Paula Duncan ... Single-click to see larger image.

 While serving on Cabonne Council I held a number of roles and served on a number of committees.

  • Cabonne Council Mayor  2008 & 2009
  • Cabonne Council Deputy Mayor 2007
  • Wellington Blayney Cabonne Alliance (WBC) Chair
  • Cabonne Council Councillor 1988/1991, 2004/2012
  • Orange Business Enterprise Centre Member

Cabonne Comittees Chair & Member of:

  •       Land Development
  •       Community Services
  •       Environmental Services
  •       Noxious Weeds
  •       Works
  •       Rural Strategy Review
  •       Roads and Traffic
  •       Quarry
  •       Promotions and Tourism
  •       Police Accountability and Community Team
  •       Ophir Reserve Trust