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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Sustainable Environment

Orange City Council follows the principles of ecologically sustainable development.

This means using, conserving and enhancing the community's resources so that ecological processes, on which life depends, are maintained and the total quality of life, now and in the future, can be increased.

In this section of the web site you can find links to a range of Orange City Council's environmental activities.

Environment & Waterways Alliance

Orange City Council is a member of the Central West Councils Environment & Waterways Alliance.

Environmental Learning Facility

The Environmental Learning Facility (ELF) is a multi-functional centre for learning. It is designed to provide a working demonstration of the technologies available for developing more ecologically sustainable lifestyles.

Local Government Toolkit .. Single-click to see larger image'Inspiring & Integrating Change' Project

The lessons learnt as three central west councils (Orange,Bathurst & Dubbo) tackled sustainability challenges through the 'Inspiring & Integrating Change' Project have been condensed into a new booklet.

Noxious Weeds

This page outlines the role of Orange City Council in dealing with weeds under the Noxious Weeds Act (1993).  All property owners, including Orange City Council, are obligated to control noxious weeds present on their land.


Roadside Vegetation Survey and Assessment

Central West Environmental Services was engaged by Orange City Council to carry outroadside vegetation assessments

Pollution Monitoring

Orange City Council is committed to managing waste responsibly. The Council is also required by legislation to publicly report on potential pollution from six sites around Orange.

Strategic Policies & Plans

This page includes links to a number of policy documents in the field of environmental management, including the State of the Environment Report and the Environmental Sustainability Action Plan.