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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Rates and Charges

Orange Civic Centre

Paying your rates

Orange City Council offers customers a range of options for rate payments. Options are listed below, please contact Council on (02) 6393 8000 for further assistance.

Payment in Full
If you intend to pay rates and charges in full (one single payment), the payment must be received by 31 AUGUST.

The Local Government Act makes provision for payment of rates by quarterly amounts. These amounts are payable by

1st Instalment - 31 August
2nd Instalment - 30 November
3rd Instalment - 28 February
4th Instalment - 31 May

If you elect to pay quarterly amounts, individual notices will be issued at least 1 month prior to these dates. PLEASE NOTE THAT Interest charges will accrue on a daily basis on quarterly rate accounts which are not paid by the due dates. All arrears must be paid by the due date and to provide for this the total arrears are included in the first quarterly payment.

Arrangements to Pay
Those Rate Payers who are suffering financial difficulties or are able unable to pay their rate instalment in full should contact Council’s Rate Section on 02 6393 8000 to make alternate payment arrangements.

How to Pay

   Direct Debit Please telephone 1300 650 511 for information (NSW only)
   Personal Payment
  • Cashier at Orange City Council Office - Present your rate notice intact to the Cashier at Orange City Council Civic Centre, Byng Street, Orange. Cashiering Hours are 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). Payment to cashier can be made by cheque, cash, Visa/MasterCard/American Express
  • At any branch of the Commonwealth Bank
Any problems associated with the above should be directed to Council on 1300 650 511.


 Pay online

To pay your rates online click here



Call your participating financial institution and nominate your account. Please quote Biller Code 18242 and your customer reference number (is found on top right hand section of your notice).

 By Phone

Simply dial 13 18 16 and have your Mastercard or Visa Credit card available. You will be requested to provide your Billpay Code (0645) and also your customer reference number. This is located on the rates notice. A minimum payment of $20.00 is applicable.

 By Mail

Detach the Bank Deposit slip from your notice and mail with cheque made payable to Orange City Council to:

Orange City Council
Po Box 35

 Australia Post You can pay your rates at any branch anywhere in Australia.

Exemption from Rates
If a property is a church, school, charitable institution, hospital or the like, a rate exemption may be able to be claimed. For further details please contact the Rates Section on 02 6393 8000.

Water Meter Readings
Council carries out meter readings quarterly to calculate water charges if applicable. Special meter readings can also be arranged for property sales to show the amount of water used on a pro-rata basis (a cost applies).

Section 603 Certificates
Section 603 Certificates provide confirmation of property and ownership details, including all outstanding rates and charges.  If you are thinking about purchasing a property it is advisable to obtain a Section 603 Certificate (a cost applies). Application forms are available on Council’s Council’s Forms website page.

Change of Address
Complete a change of address form and return to Council for your address to be updated. Forms are available on Council’s Forms website page.


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