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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Want to live in Orange?

What can Orange offer you that you don't already have?
A family home that has enough opportunity to expand, schools around the corner, and a five minute drive between jazz class, the supermarket and salsa lessons. A commute to work that means you can sit in a local cafe and have a fresh, locally roasted coffee before you arrive at work - no rushing from platform to street, just easy, stress free living........ 


Orange offers families the chance to reconnect with each other - to find the time to talk and sit with each other at the end of the day. To be together without the added strains and pressures that financial worries, excessive commuting and out of control price hikes bring. You can work hard here in Orange, but still have the time to sit down at the dinner table together, with locally produced food, sourced from local businesses and manufacturers and have the chance to laugh and regroup with your family and friends.
The affordability of housing in Orange is one of the most talked about lifestyle benefits that inspires people to make the move. Whether you want a Californian bungalow in the centre of the city, a modern large mansion or a rural property with spectacular views and room for a horse, Orange has it all. Into the bargain, it’s usually at least half the price of what you would expect to pay for the equivalent dwelling in a similar location in Sydney.
Orange offers you the perfect way of life. You can continue to learn as our education facilities for all ages are second to none. Fancy going for a bike ride, or taking the kids to the park to play soccer, take your pick, Orange has a large number of alternatives for cycle routes and sports clubs around the City. Always wanted to be in a triathlon, or take up running, join a club - we have more than one here for you to join.
Gourmet food and wine more your thing? Orange has become known as one of Australia's best wine districts, with local wines regularly winning national and international awards. This wine industry growth, in tandem with the continuing development of Orange’s already highly regarded gourmet restaurant and cafe culture, has bolstered the city's reputation and the region’s growing status as a ‘food capital’.




Orange hosts seasonal festivals each year, including F.O.O.D Week and Wine Week as well as hosting many other charitable and entertaining events such as Australia Day in Cook Park,  Major sporting events are regularly on the calendar such as the Great Volcanic Mountain Challenge and the Orange Running Festival.
With 130 plus community groups in Orange you will find something for everyone. From Dragon boating to the Orange Conservation Volunteers group, from becoming a Friend of the Regional Gallery to the Orange Film Society, Canobolas 4WD Club and Rotary groups  - Orange has something for everyone, whatever your interest.

Orange is home to large industry investment, and the new Orange Hospital and Bloomfield Campus. This facility features a new 300 bed hospital and a 100 bed mental health unit. The hospital is the medical hub for the region. In addition, big business operators such as Newcrest Mining runs Australia's largest gold mine with the NSW government agency NSW Industry & Investment housing its Head Office here.

Orange is privileged to have the Schools of Agriculture and Health of Charles Sturt University in the community providing higher education opportunities and excellent employment prospects.  Charles Sturt University is rapidly expanding with rural health and dentistry schools currently based in Orange, and a current proposal with the federal government for approval for a medical school.

The Evocities organisation provides more information for someone consdering a move to Orange.


For more information call 1800 069 466 or email the Orange Visitor Information Centre