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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Roadside Vegetation Survey and Assessment

Central West Environmental Services was engaged by Orange City Council to carry out roadside vegetation assessments under a grant from the Environmental Trust provided through the Roads and Traffic Authority's Roadside Environment Committee.

Orange City Council's Manager City Presentation chose 11 sites as having possible environmental values for survey. The project manager was Bruce Hansen Assoc Dip Env Cntl MEIANZ MECA JP Principle of Central West Environmental Services, DEC sect 132C licence No. S10710. The majority of the field surveys were carried out in February 2007 by Jane Paul B Tech NRM, Dip Nat Res Mgt SM, Adv Cert Hort. ABBS 'c' Class Bird Banding Authority No.2753.

For a full version of the assessment please click on the following document:

 Vegetation Survey Assessment and Classification of Selected Roadsides in the Orange LGA 2007 (3MB)