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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

 Report it !

If your request is urgent, or you've noticed a potential danger or health risk, please don’t use these online forms. Instead telephone the Council’s 24 hour Hotline on :

1300 650 511

The Orange community can be the ‘eyes and ears’ of Orange City Council. If you see a problem, you may be the first person to notice it. Don’t assume someone else will notice the problem. Call the City Council as soon as you can.

On this page you can :

  • *  report a problem using a convenient online form,
  • *  find some information and ideas that could help solve your problem
  • *  or ask for a service from Orange City Council.


Bins & Waste

Waste Bins>>  What day are my bins collected ?

>> You can order a replacement bin here

Street Lights

Street LightEssential Energy manages Orange's street lights

>>  You can report a faulty street light to Essential Energy here

Pot holes & Paths

Pot hole Repairs>>  You can report a pot hole or problem footpath here

>>  Find out more about how roads are made

Pets & Animals

Barking Dog 4>>  Find out how to stop your dog barking

>>  Click here to report a barking dog

Leaking Pipes

Broken Main>>  To report a broken water main or leaking pipe call

1300 650 511