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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Development Contributions Plans

The Development Contributions Plan 2015 should be considered by anyone planning a property development in Orange.

The Development Contribution Plans outline the financial contributions made by developers to Orange City Council towards the costs of public amenities and services.

For example, when a property developer is planning a new housing subdivision, the Contributions Plans outline the size of the charges Orange City Council applies to each kind of development.Click to download Orange Development Contributions Plan

The funds from these sources are used to pay for infrastructrure such as parks, roads, stormwater basins and sporting fields.

You can download the plans by clicking on the link or the image.

Orange Development Contributions Plan 2015 (1.6 MB)

Click to download Parking Contributions Plan


  Orange Car Parking Contributions Plan (680 KB)






Orange Development Contributions Plan 2015 - Rates from 1 March - 31 May 2017

.  Orange Development Contributions Plan - rates from 1 June 2017

  Orange Car Parking Development Contributions Plan 2015 - rates from 1 June 2017


Draft Development Contributions Plan 2017

The 4 April 2017 council meeting decided to put the updated  Draft 2017 Development Contributions Plan on display for community comment.

You can read coverage about the new draft plan here.

The Draft Orange Development Contributions Plan 2017 can be downloaded here. (2.6 MB)

This link  has the associated works maps which can be used in connection with the plan.(7.3 MB)

DEADLINE : Submissions about the draft plan must be made by 19 May 2017.