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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

'Inspiring & Integrating Change' Project

The lessojns learnt as three central west councils (Orange,Bathurst & Dubbo) tackled sustainability challenges have been condensed into a new booklet.

The booklet is aimed at sharing the knowledge and experience gained from the Bathurst, Orange, Dubbo (BOD) Alliance's  Inspiring and Integrating Change Project and to encourage fellow councils to establish similar sustainability projects. Local Government Toolkit .. Single-click to see larger image

PDF Icon  You can download the Local Government Toolkit here (7.3 MB)

The Toolkit provides an overview of three specific “on-ground” sustainability projects :

  • Dubbo City Council’s Victoria Park Precinct Renewable Energy Project, 
  • Orange City Council’s urban constructed wetland for stormwater harvesting and 
  •  Bathurst Regional Council’s Biodiversity Management Plan & Urban Drainage Reserve Vegetation Link. 
  •  It also provides useful tips on how to gain assistance to begin new projects.

Information is also provided about the BOD Alliance Councils’ joint Greenhouse Gas Inventory and the development of an innovative regional Distributed Energy Plan.

Through a variety of practical, on-ground projects, Inspiring and Integrating Change aims to motivate and inform other regional councils, organisations and individuals to create projects and implement policies which support sustainable development into the future.

NSW Environmental Trust logoThis program has been assisted by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust. 



Program Highlights

Some highlights of the I & I C Project include:

  • Dubbo became the solar capital of Australia as a result of having the highest percentage of households installing small scale solar, which currently stand at 3,482 total installations
  • Bathurst and Orange community solar installations exceed the NSW average, by 532 and 440 respectively in 2012 
  • Dubbo installed a 70kW solar system on the roof of the Western Plains Cultural Centre which at the time was one of the largest in the state. Saves 88 tonnes of CO2 a year.
  • Bathurst was the first Central West Council to develop a Biodiversity Management Plan which extends across the whole local government area (3,820km2) and will achieve ongoing benefits beyond the life of the I&IC Project
  • Bathurst planted 24,000 native seedlings in their five Urban Drainage Vegetation Link projects, helping to establish 1,000,000m2 of vegetation corridors
  • Orange became the first city to install stormwater harvesting in Australia via the Ploughmans Creek Stormwater Harvesting Scheme. I&IC Project funding supported the construction of the Somerset Park Wetlands, which is connected to the scheme and will capture water and improve the quality of harvested stormwater
  • Over 90,000 people (75% of the total BOD Alliance population) are estimated to have been reached by the project communication and disseminations strategies 
  • New sustainable practices have been implemented across the three councils and new positions, such as Wetland Team Leader in Orange City Council, have been created to support I & I C achievements beyond the life of the project.