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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Heritage Grants

The period for applying for Heritage grants in 2017 has now closed. This information is available here for research purposes. Further inquiries about future grants program in futurecan be made throughout the contact details below.

Orange City Council wants to assist local residents to preserve the city’s heritage.

Heritage Work .. Single-click to see large imageSmall grants will be available from a local heritage fund, established by Orange City Council with the aid of a grant from the NSW Heritage Office. There is a total of $17,000 in the fund, made up of a government grant of $8,500 and $8,500 from Orange City Council.

The fund aims to encourage as much positive work on heritage items in the area as possible.

In the past many grant programs were for individual buildings only. This program will provide initial funding to encourage the joint funding of a number of projects.

Owners of heritage buildings in the Orange City Council area are invited to apply and guidelines have been prepared to assist. The guidelines include information about assessment criteria and the level of funding avilable.

The application forms and guidlines can be downloaded from this page.


Eligible Projects

It is important to note that renovation work in areas such as front fences, new roof cladding, replacement windows, etc. to a heritage item, or to a building in a heritage conservation area may require approval from Council.

You are encouraged to discuss the proposed work with Orange City Council’s Planning & Development Services staff beforehand to discover if a DA is required.


Projects not funded
Funding will generally not be provided for :

  • where assistance is reasonably available from another source
  • the purchase of a building
  • a new addition to a heritage building (including new internal fittings such as new kitchens and bathrooms)
  • general maintenance of a building
  • relocation of a heritage building or work
  • work on government owned and operated buildings.
  • work that has been completed prior to approval of grant application.

Heritage Project .. Single-click to see larger imageIt is proposed that the maximum level of dollar-for-dollar funding per project will, on average, be $500 per application. Greater funding may be made if the circumstances warrant.

Grant applications must be received by Friday 10 March 2017.

Further Information
Orange City Council’s
Museum Manager & Heritage Coordinator
Alison Russell ~ 6393 8170