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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Orange's Heritage








Orange Regional Museum

You can find out the latest on the Orange Regional Museum project here.

Cultural Heritage Awards

Entries have been called for the latest round of the Orange Cultural Heritage Awards. You can find out more and download an entry form here.

Orange's History

Since its earliest settlements, the community of Orange has had a rich and colourful history. You can learn more in A Brief History of Orange here.

Heritage Trails and Walking Paths

A great way to experience the history of the Orange district first hand is by following a prepared driving route, or by leaving the car behind and following a marked walking trail. You find out more about Orange's Heritage Trails and Walking Paths here.

Migration Heritage

Orange City Council has taken a number of steps to chart the impact of the many immigrants who shaped the Orange community. You can find out more about this exciting exploration of Orange's Migration Heritage here.

Family History & Cemeteries

Holy Trinity FogOrange has a wide number of resources which can help with genealogical research. There are also a number of historic cemeteries which can open doors on the district's history.  You can find out more about these Family History & Cemeteries here.

Orange City Council Heritage Grants

Each year Orange City Council offers a series of small Heritage Grants to assist with the restoration of local buildings. You can find out more about the Heritage Small Grants Scheme  here.

Local Villages

The villages of the Orange district can open a window on the the rich and colourful history of the area. You can find out more about Orange's Local Villages here.

Virtual Museums

Complementing the local museums of the district, Orange City Council has developed a series of virtual museums which aim to the tell the stories of the region's history in contemporary and accessible ways. These include stories as diverse as Orange's rich sporting history and the history of gardening in Orange. You can find links to these Virtual Museums here.