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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW


Tap RunningMajor Water Projects

Find out more about the Macquarie River to Orange pipeline.

Find out more about the upgrade of Suma Park Dam.

Water Use

You can see details of how much water per person is being used in Orange in the last week

Water Restrictions

Water Restrictions

You can find a brief summary of what water restrictions are currently in force in Orange or find a more detailed description of the current restrictions.

Suma Park Dam WallWater Storage

You can find how much water is currently being stored in Orange's network of water supply dams.

Dual-water Scheme

Purple Meter CoverYou can learn the latest about Orange's Dual-Water Scheme.




DuckYou can learn about Orange's pioneering stormwater harvesting schemes



You can compare the performance of Orange City Council's water management strategies with other councils across the state.Water Testing