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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Dual Water Scheme

Orange City Council is about to turn on the Ploughmans Valley & North Orange Dual Water Scheme.

This is an important initiative which aims to reduce consumption of drinking water in the Ploughmans Valley & North Orange area by 40%. Instead of using drinking-water, the change will let residents use stormwater collected from our city’s wetlands to irrigate their gardens and flush their toilets.

Every home with the dual water system will receive this brochure which answers a range of questions from - can I give the water from the purple tap to my pets? Can I wash the car using the purple tap water? Or can I use it to fill the swimming pool? Purple outdoor tap .. Single click to see larger image


A little history...

Orange City Council is planning to have the long-awaited Ploughmans Valley North Orange Dual Water Scheme operating soon.  This is an important initiative for the Orange community which aims to reduce Orange’s consumption of drinking water by 40%, by instead letting residents use recycled water to water their gardens and flush toilets.

Residents of this area of Orange are at the forefront of this pioneering project.

Purple Water Meter cover .. Single click to see large image
METERS :  Homes in the North Orange area have two water meters in their front yard, one coloured purple for non-drinking water supply.

All houses in the Ploughmans Valley & North Orange area built since 2005 were required to be equipped with a ‘dual water’ plumbing system. Beginning at the distinctive purple-coloured water meter at the front of your property, your house was designed to have two sets of plumbing: one that supplied water to toilets and outdoor taps, and one for all other uses (drinking taps, hot water, washing machines, showers, baths, etc).

Because of the drought, the NSW government gave Orange City Council permission to postpone connecting newly-built houses to the recycled water system until the storm water wetlands were constructed and a second set of water mains were completed.