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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

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Orange City Council e-News

To keep the local community in touch with Orange City Council's work in the communty, the communications team produces a regular e-newsletter, published at the start of each month.


You can view some recent editions of the Orange City Council e-News here.

June 2018 e-News

May 2018 e-News

April 2018 e-News

March 2018 e-News

December 2017 e-News

November 2017 e-News

October 2017 e-News

September 2017 e-News

July 2017 e-News

June 2017 e-News

May 2017 e-News

April 2017 e-News

March 2017 e-news

February 2017 e-news

End of 2016 e-news

December 2016 e-news

November 2016 e-news

October 2016 e-news

September 2016 e-News

August 2016 e-News

July 2016 e-News

June 2016 e-News

May 2016 e-News

April 2016 e-News

March 2016 e-News

January 2016 e-News

October 2015 e-News

July 2015 e-News

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