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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Staging an event on Council-owned land

Do you want to run an event on Council-owned or managed land and not sure where to start?

If you'd like to stage a special event at a location owned or managed by Orange City Council, such as a park, a sportsfield or other recreation area, then you may need approval from the Council before the event can go ahead.

Orange City Council has developed two Event Kits  to assist  you. These Kits will help you (the event organiser) in navigating your way through some of the questions involved in organising an event and supplying the correct information on the correct forms so you can gain approval.

As events are held for many reasons and can be in all shapes, sizes and locations, two different Events Kits have been developed. Each kit contains event planning information and application forms.

Category 1 Private Events Kit 

This kit should be used for small private events where :

  • The event is not open to the public
  • No more than 150 people will be attending
  • No alcohol will be sold
  • There are no mechanical amusement rides
  • No food will be sold
  • No traffic disruption will occur

Examples of events where the Private Events Kit should be used are :

  • a wedding held in Cook Park
  • birthday parties staged in a local park
  • a small sporting event for schools held at a local sportsfield

Where events like these are held on private property, Council approval is not requried.

The  Category 1 Events Kit - complete with forms (4.6 MB) can be downloaded here.

Event Kit - Form - Category 1 Event - Use of Council Owned or Managed Land Casual Hire Application Form

Category 2 Events Kit

This kit should be used for large events where any of these events are planned:

  • The event is open to the public
  • More than 150 people will be attending
  • There will be mechanical amusement rides
  • There will be fireworks displays
  • There will be food sold
  • There will be large temporary structures/stages
  • There will be traffic disruption or road closure
  • There will be noise/parking implications
  • Waste management/amenities management will be required 

Event Application Form

Additional Event Forms & Resources

Event kit - Form - Application for Approval to Install and Operate Amusement Device

Event kit - Form - Catering and Sale of Food Temporary Holder Permit Registration Form

Event kit - Form - Fundraising Application Form

Event kit - form - Incident Notification Form

Event kit - Form - Risk Assessment Form

Event Kit – Form – Risk Assessment for Road Event or Use of Council Roads

Particularly for Category 2 events, guides have also been developed to assist in providing other required documentation like Risk Assessments, Site Plans, Waste Management, etc.  You can download the guides here:

Events Guide - Risk Management

Events Guide - Event Waste Management Plan

Events Guide -Council owned or Managed Outdoor Venues for hire

Events Guide - Event Site Plan

Events Guide - Emergency/Useful Contacts

Events Guide - Selling and Serving Alcohol

Events Guide - Selling and Serving Food

Still unsure what Event Kit to use?  Other Questions or queries?  Please contact Council’s City Presentation Section on 6393 8237 or 6393 8535