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Former Base Hospital Demolition

The period for public exhbition and commuity comment about this DA has now ended. These documents are still visible on this page for reference and research purposes.

Orange City Council has received a Development Applicationfor the demolition of the former Base Hospital in Orange. The proposal involves the demolition of existing buildings, structures, concrete hardstand and underground storage tank at the former Orange Base Hospital Site. All improvements will be removed, excepting the former Ambulance Station located at the south-eastern corner of the subject land*.

You can read news coverage about the demolition DA announcement here.

The demolition works will be carried out in the following stages:

1     site preparation: establishing exclusion zones (temporary fencing and signage); disconnecting services; establishing site office and contractor’s temporary car park; and installing environmental measures (tree protection and sediment control)

2     removal of hazardous materials from within the buildings

3     demolition of one and two storey buildings

4     demolition of four storey building

5     demolition of six storey building

6     removal of remaining concrete hardstand, bitumen and road services

7     removal of underground storage tank

8     site clearance and testing by environmental consultant

9     waste clean-up and site stabilisation.

Each demolition/removal stage will involve onsite sorting and stockpiling of material; onsite crushing of concrete, masonry and brickwork; and transfer of materials to offsite approved recycling or waste facilities.

Demolition works will be generally undertaken between the hours of 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 1pm Saturdays.

Works are anticipated to commence in early 2017 and will be completed in approximately 6 months.

The demolition works will provide for future redevelopment of the site. The redevelopment will be the subject of other development applications.

* Subject to the final masterplan for the site redevelopment, demolition of the four and six storey buildings may not proceed.

The proposal will be on land described as Lots 1 and 2 Sec 4 DP 758817, being 84 Dalton Street, Orange. The applicant for the proposed development is Orange City Council. The consent authority is Orange City Council.

The application may be inspected at the Customer Service Counter, ground floor, Civic Centre - corner of Byng Street and Lords Place, Orange - during ordinary office hours, being 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday for 30 days from Monday, 1 August 2016 to Tuesday, 30 August 2016. During this period, any person may make written submission on this development proposal to Council.

The Statement of Environmental Effects, which describes the protential impact of the demolition process, can also be downladed from these links.

Introductory Summary (749KB)

Mayor John Davis tells reporters about the proposaled hospital demolition
ANNOUNCEMENT : Mayor John Davis tells reporters about the proposed hospital demolition


The Appenidicies contain a range of detailed reports.

Appendix A (1.7 MB)

Appendix B (8.8 MB)

Appendix C  (7.8MB)

Appendix D  (8.7 MB)

Appendix E  (2.7 MB)

Appendix F  (8.6 MB)

Appendix G  (5.6 MB)

Appendix H  (2.4 MB)

Submissions from the Community :

If you wish to make a submission, please quote reference numbers DA 251/2016(1) - PR10203.

Please include your return/postal address if you wish to be advised of the progress or the outcome of the application. If a submission includes objections to the proposal, the grounds of objection must be specified. Submitters are required to comply with section 147 (Disclosure of Political Donations and Gifts) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

DEADLINE : Submissions close at, and must be received by Council by, 5.00 pm on Monday, 15 August 2016.

In inviting submissions, Council advises that:

(i)         Any information provided to or collected by Orange City Council is for the purpose of assessment of a Development Application.

(ii)        The information is to be publicly available.

(iii)       The intended recipients of the information are Council staff, the developer, the public and Councillors.

(iv)       The making of any submission is entirely voluntary.

(v)        The person providing the information has a right to access the information to correct any personal information supplied.

(vi)       The submission will be placed in Council’s file and may appear on Council’s website during the consideration of the Development Application.

(vii)      Council’s file on the Development Application may be accessed by any person.

(viii)     Signatures, personal contact details, personal financial information and photographs depicting persons will not be made available on Council’s website.

(ix)       Comments of abusive or offensive nature should be avoided.