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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Orange's Raw Water Supply System


The Orange Raw Water Supply System is the name used for managing the sources of untreated 'raw' water for the community of Orange.

It includes :

  • Spring Creek and Suma Park dams
  • the Blackmans Swamp Creek stormwater harvesting scheme
  • the Ploughmans Creek stormwater harvesting scheme
  • Water supply bores
  • the Macquarie River to Orange Pipeline



Management Plan

A document has been developed which will help ensure that the envionmental requirements and commitments made during the approvals process for the Macquarie River to Orange pipeline as well as other relevant licensing conditions, are implemented, monitored and reviewed as Orange's raw water supply system is operated. 

The Operation Environmental Management Plan for the Orange Raw Water Supply System (OEMP) was formally approved by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment on 7 September 2016. Here is the formal Letter of Approval.

The OEMP is a large document. It can be downloaded from these links in its component parts.

Orange Raw Water Supply System OEMP_Ver 2.2_Main Body of Plan  (7.8 MB)

Decision Support Tool

Part of the OEMP, the Decision Support Tool (DST) is a document which determines how the raw water supply system will be operated, year to year.

The quarterly reviews of the DST contain the Current Operating Rules.

Using this document to guide its meetings, a water management team meets every three months to review a number of factors including :

  • climatic conditions
  • water supply levels
  • potential water sources

The group then recommends the mix of water sources to be used. After each meeting, this team produces a report, such as this Decision Support Tool Second Quarterly Review produced in February 2017.

Statement of Conditions – Water Access Licences

The Orange Raw Water Supply system operates under a number of NSW Government-issued water licences.


Stream Gauges

A number of stream gauging stations provide information about the amount of water at key points in local river systems. These include :

  • Station 421192 Macquarie River downstream of Long Point (Pump offtake point)
  • Station 421185 Summer Hill Creek at Icely Road and
  • Station 421197 Summer Hill Creek at Third Crossing bridge
  • Station 421051 Blackmans Swamp Creek at the Sewage Treatment Plant 
  • Station 421186 Ploughmans Creek at North Orange 1 Sewage Pump Stati

Data from these stream gauge sites is managed by DPI Water and is available at http://realtimedata.water.nsw.gov.au

How to find data :

To access the info on this page click the left-hand menu item 'Real Time Data - Rivers And Streams', then zoom in on the map to the Orange district. Then, click on the correct station number, to find river heights and flow-rates in the river.

To access this information, find the station number (as above) in the list of stations on the following web page and then read the river height at that location.

Data from these stations can be found at :


Suma Park Dam Environmental Flow Releases (Statement of Approval 80CA722752)

The Suma Park Dam Environmental Flow Release (Station 421196) data is also available at :


Pipeline Assessment and Approval Process Suma Park Dam wall

Assessment Documents

The Maquarie River to Orange pipeline project was designed and constructed after a detailed assessment. 

The Major Project Assessment Documents can be accessed on the NSW Department of Planning and Environment website.

Conditions of Consent ~ NSW Government

The NSW State Government gave approval to the project in June 2013. The NSW Department’s Conditions of Consent for the Macquarie River to Orange Pipeline project can be found here.


Annual Review Report

Under these conditions of approval, Orange City Council is required to submit an annual review. The latest annual review Annual Review 30 March 2016 (1.7 MB) can be downloded here.

Annual Aquatic Environmental Monitoring Program Report

The council is also required to submit a report on matters including habitat mapping,fish community sampling and the edfficiency of the pump off-take to limit impact on fish and fish eggs. The AEMP Report 7 April 2016  (293 KB) report can be downloded here.

Independent Environmental Audit

This letter from the Department of Planning - 14 June 2016 includes an extension of time for a required independent environmental audit.

Extraction Reports

This Extraction Report May 2017 shows daily water extractions from Orange City Council’s Water Supply sources for May 2017.

This Extraction Report April 2017  shows daily water extractions from Orange City Council’s Water Supply sources for April 2017.

This Extraction Report March 2017 shows daily water extractions from Orange City Council’s Water Supply sources for March 2017.

Conditions of Consent ~ Australian Government

The Australian Government's Conditions of Consent issued by the Department of Environment and Energy can be found here.


Annual Review Reports 

Under these federal conditions of approval, Orange City Council is required to submit annual review reportrs. The latest annual reviews can be downloded here.


Complaints and Enquiries

Orange City Council

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Orange NSW 2800

24 hour telephone number – 1300 650 511

Email council@orange.nsw.gov.au