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Information about the work of  Orange City Council, located in the Central West of NSW

Infill Guidelines

The Orange Local Government Area has a number of items and areas of heritage significance. These areas are highly valued by the community and Orange City Council is committed to conserving their character while supporting adaptive reuse and sympathetic infill development.Infill development

Good quality and sensitive design of infill development in heritage areas is of paramount importance in retaining the historic character of precincts within Orange, Lucknow and Spring Hill.

An important aspect of good design is designing in context and having regard to the site and its surroundings, with particular consideration to the surrounding built form and significant landscaping.

The NSW Heritage Office and the Royal Australian Institute of Architects NSW 2005 publication Design in Context defines infill as:

a new building in an established and valued historic context. Good infill is building that is sympathetic to the surrounding buildings and historic context and creates new structures that enhance and complement the existing urban, suburban or rural character.

Residential infill contributes to the physical and social renewal of the older neighbourhoods, making better use of existing infrastructure, public facilities and services. Likewise, commercial infill takes advantage of premier business locations whilst contributing to active and vibrant streetscapes. Council’s Development Control Plan 2004 currently requires development to complement and relate to the relevant features and built form within existing streetscapes.

Adopted in February 2017, the Infill Guidelines are intended to provide further specialised design guidance for the carrying out of work within a Heritage Conservation Area or adjacent to a heritage item, to ensure new development harmonises with the character of the neighbourhood.