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Council making progress on paths

By October 16, 2018October 18th, 2018Footpaths, News

Orange City Council crews have laid 462 tonnes of concrete as part of the city’s footpath network, this financial year.The longest section of new footpath, about 1250 metres, on Anson Street between Douglas Place and Matthew Avenue is almost complete.

PATHWAY : Council concreting crew member Alo Finan smooths concrete on a new path

PATHWAY : Council concreting crew member Alo Finan smooths concrete on a new path in Anson Street.

Orange Mayor Reg Kidd said Council crews have been making fast work of the job with about two weeks to go, weather permitting.

“This footpath will provide a much needed connection between the north of Orange and the CBD,” Cr Kidd said.

Orange City Council’s Infrastructure Committee Chair and Deputy Mayor Sam Romano said the work was part of Council’s record commitment of $350,000 per year for footpath upgrades.

Council crews build new concrete footpath

SMOOTH AS … : Members of Orange City Council’s concreting crew put the finishing touches on a new path in Anson Street.

“As part of the Council’s record footpath program valued at more than $1.4 million over four years, crews have upgraded and built new paths on March Street, from Spring Street to Nile Street, replaced a footpath on March Street from Hill Street to Sale Street and replaced a footpath in Caroline Street from McLachlan to Edward Street,” Cr Romano said.

“The next street on the list is McLachlan Street between Byng and Summer Street East.

“Every footpath in Orange is routinely checked for factors like wear and tear, and damage from tree roots.

“There are always difficult decisions to be made whether a new path should be built in one location or another.

“There are objective criteria around the condition of the surface, the amount of foot traffic and the site’s accident history that are used to make those decisions.
“Council also has to look ahead at planned major projects, such as the CBD upgrade.

“We want the best value for money so we want to make sure we upgrade a path which will last for the next few decades and not have to be redone as part of a major project.”

The list of scheduled projects for the coming year, includes:

  • McNamara Street, Kite to Moulder (western side)
  • Byng Street, Sampson to Woodward (both sides)
  • Sale Street, from Orana to Casey (eastern side)
  • Clinton Street, from Summer to Kite (eastern side)
  • Tobruk Crescent, a loop from Maxwell to Maxwell
  • McLachlan Street, from Byng to Summer (eastern side)
  • Sampson Street, from Prince to March (eastern side)
  • Eyles Street, from Bathurst Road to Ellard Street (western side)
  • Sale Street, from March to Byng (eastern side)
  • Kite Street, Hill to Sale (southern side)
  • Summer Street, from Clinton to Sampson (northern side)
  •  Sampson Street, from Summer to Byng Street (eastern side)

A map showing the location of the new work, together with footpaths completed in recent years can be found on Council’s Your Say website.


  • larlee says:

    cant believe we are no longer on the list was told originally it would be last year and then this year had a look at your say and we are not on the list not happy but when someone falls over the broken foot paths out the front and sues council something might be done

    • Council Communications says:

      HI Larlee, thanks you for leaving us a comment. Which footpath are you referring to? I can have a look and see where it’s up to for you. In the mean time if you notice anything which you think might be a hazard, be sure to send us on a note using our Report It page Thank you .

  • Jess says:

    Is there a way to find out what side of the street the path will be on?

  • Barry Potter says:

    I have been campaining for years for a footpath to be laid to replace the dirt goat track in Gardiner Road between Anson and Piesley Streets. All to no avail. I am sure that council is waiting for some person who is forced to walk on the road surface to be injured or killed . Most pedestriand choose to walk on the road surface particularly when it is wet. Mothers with small children in strollers use this section at times and are forced to use the road as it is extremely difficult to wheel them on the rough and muddy surface. The Mayor, the deputy Mayor and a councillor have all been and had a look and fail to see the danger on this narrow and VERY busy section of road. I am of the opinion that the council are an uncaring bunch and couldn’t give a dam about the residents outside the upper class section of the city.
    My wife and I have travelled extensively within the Eastern and southern states of this country and are of the opinion that Orange is so far behind the rest that it is not funny.

    • Council Communications says:

      Thanks for your comment. That section of footpath has been assessed as part of the Council’s review of assets which determines a priority list for maintenance and new projects such as this one. As you can imagine, there is a long list of projects and limited funds, so difficult decisions have to be made. In April, the Council will be calling for submissions about the proposed annual budget. It’s expected that budget will allocat $100,000 a year for new footpaths. You would be welcome to make any submissions at the time.

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