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Orange Aboriginal Development Strategy


The Orange Aboriginal Development Strategy aims to acknowledge and promote Aboriginal culture and heritage, to support Aboriginal people in the Orange community and to address issues specific to the local Aboriginal community. The strategy has been developed in consultation with members of the Orange Aboriginal community through the Orange City Council’s Aboriginal consultative forum.

The strategy is three-pronged, and includes:

  • the development of a joint Statement of Commitment between Orange City Council and the Aboriginal people of Orange.
  • the integration of an Aboriginal perspective into Council planning.
  • the inclusion of specific key result areas in the relevant plans.


The Orange Aboriginal community comprises many nations and language groups.  In recent years there has been a significant growth in population and a noticeable increase in our youth population.

Orange City Council’s commitment to supporting the Aboriginal community is demonstrated through Cultural Awareness training for staff, facilitating community groups, flying the Aboriginal Flag, supporting annual NAIDOC celebrations, providing a building for the Orange Aboriginal Medical Service and Youth Development support.


The Development Strategy is based on the principles that:

  • all citizens of Orange are entitled to live in a community free of racism and prejudice.
  • the partnership between Orange City Council and the Aboriginal community of Orange is based on mutual respect, collaboration and consultation.
  • the Aboriginal people of Orange are as entitled to quality services as are all other members of the community and have the right to feel confident in expressing their identity as Aboriginal peoples

Key Result Areas

Under the Strategy, five key result areas targeted for development are:

  • consultation and communication
  • provision for children and youth
  • local Aboriginal history
  • care for the aged and disabled
  • aboriginal employment.

The specific strategies related to these key result areas will be embedded where appropriate in Council’s planning documents, including the Community Plan, natural environment planning, Enterprise Development Plan and implemented through the Council Management Plan.