About Council

 135 Byng St, Orange
 02 6393 8000
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Orange City Council provides a wide range of services and facilities serving the Orange community and the wider region, including childcare, tourism support, sportsfields and park and gardens, water storages and treatment, waste management and more than 500 kilometres of roads. The Orange Local Government Area is 290 sq. kms.


The Municipality of Orange was established in 1860 to cater for a population of 400 within a one square mile village area. Of the 54 eligible voters, 49 voted in the February, 1860 elections.

Orange was proclaimed a city in 1946, and today with more than 40,000 citizens, it is a thriving city with 12 Councillors and a dedicated staff.


Orange City Council employs approximately 400 people, including casuals. This number fluctuates seasonally throughout the year, as extra people are employed to operate facilities such as the Aquatic Centre, Vacation Care and busy periods at the Orange Function Centre.

The Council is an equal opportunity employer and provides a smoke-free workplace. Visit Employment for more information about working for Orange City Council.