Activate Orange

a new blue-print for

Orange’s economic future.

Orange City’s ActivateOrange Strategic Vision focuses on how our city will operate and support economic and employment growth, over the next 20 years. This vision is the first stage of a once-in-a-lifetime regional transformation that will activate Orange’s endowments and competitive advantages, enabling it to be the powerhouse of inland NSW.

The ActivateOrange Strategic Vision aligns with the NSW Government’s Economic Vision for NSW and builds on the strategies identified in the Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS) that was undertaken by AgEcon Plus Consulting in 2018 for the Functional Economic Region of Orange, Blayney and Cabonne.


Health & Innovation Precinct

The new Health & Innovation Precinct will incorporate the existing hospital site, the new private hospital, the Department of Primary Industries’ agribusiness accelerator (the GATE), education and research facilities, and Clinical Trials Unit.

Future City 

The Future City strategy embraces a fundamental change in how the CBD is organised.

Creative Active Orange

Over the last 10 years, Orange has worked to create and upgrade a range of cultural and recreational assets for residents and visitors to the City.

Industrial Freight Activation Precinct

The South Orange Industrial and Freight Precinct expands the existing industrial and manufacturing land adjacent to the Leewood Estate, 3km south of the CBD.


Activate OrangeBusinessNews
September 13, 2019

Future City consultants making progress on ideas to transform Orange’s CBD

Orange City Council is making progress on its plans to upgrade the city’s CBD. The council appointed SJB, a firm of urban designers to work on plans to guide the…
Activate OrangeBusinessNews
August 23, 2019

New website to drive region’s promotion

A new relocation, business and investment website has been launched under a joint regional economic development project involving Orange City Council, Blayney Shire Council and Cabonne Council. (more…)
Proposed LEP amendments up for discussionActivate OrangeBusinessNews
August 20, 2019

Inner city breweries and cheese factories get the green light

The NSW government has given the green light for boutique micro-breweries and small-scale food manufacturers to set up in and around Orange’s CBD. (more…)
Activate OrangeBusinessNews
March 20, 2019

Bright outlook for Orange economy

The Orange economy is in a strong position and is reaping the benefits of hosting the region’s largest construction sector, according to the city’s mayor. (more…)
Activate OrangeNews
March 6, 2019

Candidates back new Life Sciences precinct proposal

There’s been strong signs of public support from candidates in this months’ state election for Orange’s proposed new Life Sciences precinct. (more…)
Orange could have boutique micro-breweries and small-scale food manufacturers in and around the CBD if proposed changes get the green light.Activate OrangeBusinessFuture CityNews
March 4, 2019

Community Reference Group’s 1st meeting with urban designers

A group of Orange residents who volunteered to help shaping the direction of the FutureCity CBD upgrade have held their first meeting with urban designers. (more…)
Activate OrangeBusinessFuture CityNews
February 1, 2019

Urban designers start preliminary work on Orange CBD upgrade

Appointed to come up with great ideas for Orange's CBD upgrade, Future City, urban designers SJB started work by meeting with councillors and members of the local business community. (VIDEO).…
Activate OrangeFuture CityNews
January 31, 2019

Be part of making Orange FutureCity a reality

The future of Orange’s central business district is happening now. (more…)
Activate OrangeFuture CityNews
December 20, 2018

Future City Orange

Detailed design work on the heart of the city will begin after Orange City Council awarded a contract to plan the framework of its major CBD upgrade, known as FutureCity. (more…)