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Be part of making Orange FutureCity a reality

By January 31, 2019August 27th, 2020Activate Orange, Future City, News

The future of Orange’s central business district is happening now.

Orange City Council is calling on community representatives to help shape that future.

Recently, Council engaged architects SBJ, to design a detailed blue-print for our FutureCity.

SJB have significant experience in urban design including projects in Ballarat, Newcastle, Castle Hill and Parramatta.

As part of the design work, SJB will work with a reference group comprised of members appointed by the Council to represent the diversity of the Orange community to be a sounding board and test audience for ideas.

SBJ consultants at a workshop with Councillors and members of the Economic Development Community Committee about how to make Orange's CBD the best in regional NSW

SBJ consultants at a workshop with Councillors and members of the Economic Development Community Committee about how to make Orange’s CBD the best in regional NSW

Orange Mayor Reg Kidd said SJB would work with the feedback from last year’s community-wide consultation, which formed the basis for the community strategic plan, as well as feedback provided to Council’s YourSay Orange website regarding the CBD upgrade.

“I want to thank the community once again for providing such honest and constructive feedback during the post council election Where To Next community conversation,” Cr Kidd.

“Without your feedback and commitment to improving our wonderful city, we wouldn’t be in such a good place, in terms of planning, we are now.

“We are calling on members of the community to form a key group as we take the next steps.

“We want this group to represent an array of demographics and interests. We want representatives of school children, young adults, families and older residents.

“We want people who can represent different industry sectors, as well as people from diverse backgrounds.

“There is a selection criteria we want all potential members to meet in order to get the best representation for everyone in our community.

“This is your city, this is your CBD.

“Be part of the future.”

Expression of Interest for the reference group is open, and will close on Friday February 8 at 5pm.

“The project is already gaining ground.

“We are getting organised to show funding authorities we are committed to economic growth and we are ready for the future.”

People wanting to join the representative group need to address the following criteria in a submission to Council.

  • Be a trusted and active member of a broad range of formal and informal networks.
  • Be willing to act as an ambassador for the FutureCity initiative and be willing to continuously engage with your networks throughout the planning process
  • Be confident to speak up and contribute ideas and constructive criticism in the interests of the community as a whole
  • Have time and availability to attend meetings every two to three weeks, of about two to three hours duration, and complete any pre-reading tasks, over the next two months (special consideration will be given to applicants for whom this is difficult, such as school children, if the applicant is able to represent a key network)
  • Be committed to the economic growth and prosperity of Orange and community and economic growth and development

Please write a short submission of about 300 words addressing the above criteria and email the submission to [email protected]

Please be as specific as possible what groups and networks you are able to represent. A network may not be a formal group but may be a professional network, trade network or similar group of people.

Places on the reference party are strictly limited and it is possible it may be heavily subscribed. Council’s goal is to have a broad cross-section of the community represented and therefore, some applications may not be selected for this stage of the project.


  • Tony Cheney says:

    I would be pleased to have an opportunity to participate as an owner of commercial property within the CBD, a Director of Orange360 and former Chair of Kinross Wolaroi School Council. I am also a principal of a legal practice dealing in commercial and property related work and am currently building commercial property in the CBD and have plans for further construction projects.

  • William Moxey says:

    1. Build the new Orange Regional Conservatorium.
    2. Re-design and construct road network adjacent to North Orange Shopping Centre so that traffic flow is improved.

  • Kahina kharitos says:

    Hello, I would like the opportunity to participate in this forum. Thank you.

  • Council Communications says:

    Thank you for the comments. If you’d like to be considered for a place in the reference group, be sure to address the aforementioned criteria in a submission to Council. Email your submission to [email protected]

  • Rafael Correa says:

    I would like to participate. Have lived in many cities in my life, and got some ideas about what not do be done

  • Charles Wright says:

    I feel I have the experience through travelling and working overseas to bring new ideas to Orange. I am a teacher so getting up & speaking in a forum does not scare me.

    • Council Communications says:

      Hi Charles,
      Thanks for the comment.
      If you’d like to put in an expression of interest, please submit a short response to [email protected] addressing the criteria towards the end of the article.
      The deadline for submissions in tomorrow (Friday) at 5pm.

  • Ayoma Gooneratne says:

    Hi I would love the opportunity to be participate. I am a business owners feel I could contribute to this forum.

    • Council Communications says:

      Hi Ayoma,
      Thanks for reading.
      If you’d like to put in an expression of interest, please submit a short response to [email protected] addressing the criteria towards the end of the article.
      The deadline for submissions in tomorrow (Friday) at 5pm.
      Thank you

  • Charles Wright says:

    My submission in addressing your criteria is;

    1. Be a trusted member. As a head teacher for 20 years I feel I can be trusted with any information that is delivered.

    2. Act as an Ambassador. I feel I have the experience to act as an ambassador and will be in constant communication with all parties.
    I worked for one year as a Govt. project officer in charge of a budget for $1 million.

    3. Be confident to speak up. As a head teacher I have addressed many forums so I am not shy to get up & talk.

    4. Have availability. I am now retired so I can be free anytime.

    5. Be committed. I would be totally comitted as long as there is a budget that has been approved for this project.

    I have traveled to many countries so I can bring a new range of ideas to the table.
    Thank you

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