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New website to drive region’s promotion

A new relocation, business and investment website has been launched under a joint regional economic development project involving Orange City Council, Blayney Shire Council and Cabonne Council.

Under the new branding of THINK Orange Region, a new website and promotional collateral has been developed.

Unveiled Thursday night (22 August 2019) at a well-attended launch event, the new website is designed to be the first online portal people will be encouraged to visit to obtain information on either relocating, doing business or investing in the region.

The brand THINK Orange Region is set to provoke people to action and is captured in the key messages of THINK Space, THINK Opportunity, THINK Business, THINK Connectivity, THINK Investment and THINK Balance. THINK Orange Region is Aspirational, Accessible and Achievable.

The project was funded by the NSW Government under the Regional Growth – Marketing and Promotion Fund and is part of the delivery of the Orange, Blayney and Cabonne Regional Economic Development Strategy 2018-2022.

Orange Mayor Reg Kidd said THINK Orange Region is a collaborative effort of all 3 neighbouring local government areas to deliver a major economic development initiative.

“We have data that shows people are interacting between the regions. And we have additional data that indicates where people are moving from, thanks to our involvement in the Evocities Campaign,” Cr Reg Kidd said.

Cabonne Council Mayor Kevin Beatty is supportive of this initiative and can see the benefits to doing business in the region.

“By working in partnership, the regional economic footprint will prosper,” Cr Kevin Beatty said. “It would be wonderful to have more businesses providing employment and the continuation of a skilled labour force”.

Blayney Shire Council Mayor Scott Ferguson can see the real benefits for investment opportunities.
“Many regional projects are waiting to be delivered and are shovel ready. The missing link is investment,” Cr Scott Ferguson said. “Our co-ordinated approach provides an online platform to showcase the many options for the right investor.”

This project has been delivered by the use of local businesses from the THINK Orange Region.

This demonstrates the level of expertise and business services here. Furthermore this is showcased with the inclusion of case studies covering relocation, doing business and investment.

The next stages of THINK Orange Region is to undertake a marketing campaign, establish brand ambassadors and to build on the website content by capturing local information.

THINK Orange Region website is

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