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Backyard swimming pools

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Regulations are in force which aim to cut the number of children who drown in backyard swimming pools. The rules are aimed at making sure that specialised pool safety fences around backyard pools are maintained in good condition.

The NSW government requires that all backyard pools must be registered. The registration process includes the opportunity for pool owners to self-assess the condition of their pool’s child-resistant fence, and then arrange for any repairs to be done. There is a penalty of $220 for owners who fail to register a swimming pool.

Pool owners can register online at the NSW Government’s website.


Selling or leasing your property with a pool?

All properties with a pool that are sold or leased must also have a current compliance certificate (The certificate confirms the pool fence measures up to required standards.)

Certificates are issued by Orange City Council following an inspection.

While property owners are responsible to make sure child-resistant fences are maintained, someone who rents or occupies a property with a pool is also responsible to make sure a pool fence is installed and maintained.

To arrange an inspection, residents can download the form here, drop it in to the council and arrange payment. The state government has set a fee of $150 for the inspection.

It’s expected the inspection will be able to happen in a matter of days.

Home-owners are advised to to work their way through the online check-list and get any necessary work done on their pool before they arrange an inspection. This could avoid the need for a potential follow-up inspection if problems are found.


This Frequently Asked Questions’ fact-sheet has more information about inspections.

Further information

  • Small inflatable or portable pools must be fenced if they are able to be filled with more than 300mm of water
  • You don’t have to build a fence for an outdoor fish pond or water feature.
  • You have extra responsibilities if you are selling your property with a pool.