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Business forum to lift lid on inter-city spending

By November 19, 2019Business, News

Shoppers from Bathurst are spending more in Orange than vice versa, according to the latest data to be outlined at this week’s Orange City Council’s Business Forum.

The update comes from the latest analysis of regional spending from Orange City Council’s  Spend Map* data analysis.

Orange’s City Council’s Employment and Economic Development committee chair Cr Tony Mileto said the event will be a good opportunity for local business operators to hear the latest information and to ask their own questions.

“Anyone operating a small business will tell how much time and energy it takes to keep it all running smoothly,” Cr Tony Mileto . “This forum is about keeping the business community in touch with the latest information.”

ECONOMY : Retail spending figures reveal Bathurst residents send more in Orange than vice versa.

“There’s a real sense of excitement in Orange since the opening of the new shopping centre in the Dalton Brothers building.  People who were worried about the lack of shopping options in Orange now have new directions.

“The reality is though that in the last financial year, while the shopping centre was still under construction, people living in Bathurst spent more at shops in Orange, than people who live in Orange spent at shops in Bathurst.

“The figures for the last financial year are quite clear. Orange residents did spend $20.6 million in Bathurst/Kelso/Raglan.

“But, Bathurst residents meanwhile spent $29.08 million in Orange in the same period.  That’s over $8.5 million or 41% more.

“It’s interesting when you look at the categories of that spending, to see how the different categories compare. Business operators who come on Thursday will be able to see those details first hand and ask their questions.”

The forum is to be held 5.30pm on Thursday 21 November in Council Chambers.

The forum includes a number of short presentations on :

  • What’s happening for business in Orange : A review of major projects and information about business rates
  • The latest data from SpendMap
  • OC Future City : the latest on the CBD upgrade plans,

 and the opportunity for business operators to ask questions and raise topics of interest.


 *Source : Data Republic. Data compiled and independently collated by Spendmapp. Spendmapp uses bank data to measure event impact, track economic growth and sector spending.

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