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Carpark fees waived during December

By December 7, 2018News

Christmas shoppers can park and shop for as long as they like at the Ophir Carpark after Orange City Council voted to waive parking fees in the carpark for the month of December.

Orange Mayor Reg Kidd said the decision was made to provide additional support to shoppers and businesses during the busiest time of year.

“Orange streets and carparks are well used during the month of December, and sometimes there can be pressure on available spaces,” Cr Kidd said.

“In the past, removal of the usual parking fee, of $3 per day, has relieved some of that pressure.

“Last year, when we waived the fee, the carpark was nearly full.

“That suggests to me that CBD employees are using those spaces during the day, and leaving the timed spaces, closer to shops, free for customers.

“It’s important we all share available spaces throughout the CBD and abide by the set time limits.

“Everyone needs to get their gift shopping done and it’s good we can ensure a turnaround of spaces by leaving the car space once the allocated time is up.”

Parking at the Ophir Carpark will remain free until January 2.

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