Claims Orange has less than six month’s water supply ‘greatly exaggerated’

By July 19, 2019July 22nd, 2019News, Water

Orange’s water storage is one third full and based at the current use over a year, the city has enough to last at least 12 to 18 months, assuming there is no rain.

Orange Mayor Reg Kidd said claims our water storage would run out in six months were highly exaggerated, however, residents should remain vigilant about reducing water use.

“The fact remains the whole country is in a drought and everyone, everywhere is affected in some way, but claims the city only has six months water supply left are not true,” Cr Kidd said.

“While the situation is serious, we also need to acknowledge the work our residents are doing.

“Orange residents are leaders in the state when it comes to water conservation.

“When you compare the water use of Orange residents to other comparable cites, it’s clear Orange residents are using water responsibly and sensibly and with great care.  We’re using far less per person per day than other local government areas.

“Orange residents should be congratulated for their water conscience attitudes.

“We’ve been in this position before and we have worked hard in recent years to develop infrastructure to help sure-up Orange’s supply.

“We’ve raised the dam wall, we’ve built the storm-water harvesting schemes and we’ve built the Macquarie to Orange Pipeline.

“All of these infrastructure projects have led to a significant increase in our storage and without them we might have very well been looking at only a few months’ supply left.

“Our award winning storm water harvesting scheme and the Macquarie to Orange Pipeline has added more than two months’ supply to our system since October.

“When there are good flows in the Macquarie River we can turn on the pipeline and pump to increase what’s in our own storage.

“It hasn’t rained much lately and we haven’t used the pipeline consistently, but we certainly have been over the last couple of years to keep our supply topped up.

“Our harvesting system is incredibly efficient and is able to harvest water nearly every time it rains. We often get at least a day or two worth of supply, sometimes a few weeks’ worth depending on how much it rains.

“Every drop counts and we’re making sure we make good use of every drop.“We are an innovative Council and we’re always looking at better ways to make use of our existing infrastructure and looking at ways to build more infrastructure to help us in these times of drought.

“Let’s continue what we’re doing, look at new ways to top up our supply and continue to be leaders in water conservation.”

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Storm water flows into Suma Park Dam

Storm water flows into Suma Park Dam


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