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Community survey looks for solutions to make Orange safer

A new community survey has been launched to help shape new ways to target crime and community safety.

The Orange’s Community Safety & Crime Prevention Committee, which includes representatives from NSW Police as well as community service agencies is looking closely at how to make Orange a safer place to live.

Orange City Council’s Orange’s Community Safety & Crime Prevention Committee chair, Cr Jason Hamling said the data from the survey will be used to guide new strategies.

“The Crime Prevention Committee is a useful forum for bringing together organisations in Orange that each target crime in their own ways,” Cr Jason Hamling said. “It’s a good community sounding-board for police as they go about their work. For council it’s a way of working with other agencies and tiers of government to plan for the future and apply for the grants we need.”

SURVEY : Residents are being asked if they feel safe when they’re out and about in Orange.

“As a step towards developing plans for future work, the committee is looking closely at how to make Orange a safer place to live. The results of this survey will help shape new strategies.

“It’s a short survey that will only take two minutes to complete. The questions aim to find out whether local residents feel safe as they go about their local neighbourhood and the broader city area. We want to know the areas of Orange where people don’t feel safe, and if people have suggestions about making those areas safer.

“Another question asks about people’s personal experience of crime and reporting incidents to the police. This information is being collected anonymously and will be used to help frame new approaches.

“We want Orange to be a good place to live where families and can go out at night or in the daytime to enjoy events. Solutions like better public lighting, an improved CCTV system or ways to help people feel more connected to their community will all help make a difference.”

The online survey can be accessed from the YourSay Orange site.


  • No thanks says:

    I would love to see the gardens on the roundabouts cleared and lowered, because you can’t see the indicators on the other cars people make assumptions about what other cars are doing which causes near misses and terrible driver aggression and road rage. Hi

    • Ray says:

      You are legally obliged to give way to all cars already on a roundabout. Our gardened roundabouts are a great feature of Orange please keep them.

    • Council Communications says:

      Thanks for your comment. The design of Orange’s roundabouts aims to get the balance right between a clear view of traffic, and just enough interrupted view of traffic so that drivers will slow down at the intersection.

  • Alison says:

    It’s interesting to see how many people riding bikes scooter skateboard around the streets like they own the place.they don’t care about anything else but themselves.
    People waiting for the buses if it’s wet cold weather they can’t keep dry cause seats are in wrong place a bit of shelter would be good.

  • Rachel says:

    It would be great to have more lighting in some streets of our streets so if people had to walk home from shops or work it would be a bit safer for all

  • Fred Davies says:

    Roundabouts are a road feature designed to keep traffic flowing, sadly there are a few issues that deter from this design. Firstly and of the greatest safety concern is the speed that some drivers choose to negotiate what they see as obstacles, the main reason they can do this is due to too much visibility to their right, this should be limited in order to slow vehicles aproaching the roudabout.
    There’s the other issue of drivers waiting to give way to their right, which is not necessary unless that vehicle was able to enter the roundabout before them.

  • Eddie Van Doorn says:

    Perhaps a 24 hour police station at Glenroi Oval. That’s where most of the problems occur. And then get some magistrates that don’t give bail.

  • Janene says:

    Improve the street lighting urgently. Currently, the lighting is incredibly poor and will
    be even worse once daylight saving ends. In my street, half the street is in darkness
    and has been for four months. Yes, there have been repeated phone calls to Essential Energy. The next street light, at the corner, has had it bulb already replaced and has begun to flicker again. Are the lights and the bulbs substandard?

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