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Construction to begin on new Bloomfield Medical Centre

By July 13, 2018August 23rd, 2018Business, News
The developers of the Bloomfield Medical Centre today announced work is set to begin. Orange City Council’s planning conditions have been agreed and the Construction Certificate has been issued for the commencement of the 6 storey Bloomfield Tower.

The first signs of work are under way already. The building that was part of the former ‘Drive-in’ has been demolished and site buildings have been positioned.
A 35 metre high crane will be installed on site next month which will be used throughout construction of the six-storey new hospital.
The Council’s work to date has included infrastructure such as water and sewerage extensions,and the project to install the necessary traffic lights and widening of Forest Rd is well under way.
Mr Frank O’Halloran representing James Richmark Pty Ltd : “We have been working with Orange City Council on all the necessary conditions with the strong support from our partner Zauner Constructions. We are now very pleased to announce the commencement of the Bloomfield Tower. We are overwhelmed by the positive responses from the Orange medical community which has meant we are ahead of expectations for tenancy for the Medical Centre.”
BEGINNING : Zauner Construction’s Garry Zauner, Deputy Mayor Cr Joanne McRae and James Richmark Pty Ltd’s Frank O’Halloran checked out the site in Forest Road where the new private hospital will be built.
Mr Garry Zauner, CEO of Zauner Group: “We are delighted to be a development partner in this project, and as a regional company with strong historical links with many Orange projects such as CSU Orange and the Orange Museum, we are pleased to be once again working within the Orange community on important projects such as this. We encourage anyone interested in the Bloomfield Medical Centre to look at our Gardens Medical Centre Albury with its many specialists, Private Hospital and over 30 GPs for an insight into the remarkable opportunity presented at Bloomfield for Orange.”
Mr Zauner added: “We are pleased that the construction of the Tower has now received all necessary approvals and that the preparations of the site are now underway to allow the Tower footings and crane to be installed.”
Mr David Hall, CEO of Orange based Benchmark Commercial said there’s been strong interest from medical specialists : ” We are delighted with the significant response to the new Bloomfield Medical Centre. With a number of tenants now locked in and a considerable list of further interested parties underway it’s a great project to be part of.”
Deputy Mayor Cr Joanne McRae: “The Orange community is delighted the construction at the Bloomfield Medical Centre Tower is now ready to begin. The project is part of the exciting future of South Orange and the creation of employment opportunities. The Bloomfield site alone will create over 500 new jobs for the Orange community.”
The first building on the site is expected to take around 15 months to build and be completed by October 2019
The next stage of the Bloomfield site will be the construction of the 82 bed medi motel and retail shops. This stage is targeted to commence in 2019.


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