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Council announces two systems for bulky-waste disposal available to Orange residents

By January 8, 2021January 14th, 2021News, Waste

Orange residents have two more convenient ways to get rid of bulky household items no longer needed as the dates for the kerb-side bulky-waste pick-up, and a free drop-off voucher system for the Resource Recovery Centre are announced.

Orange Mayor Reg Kidd said in addition to a kerb-side, bulky- waste collection scheduled to occur on set dates in the coming weeks, residents could also pick-up a voucher from Council’s customer service desk to take a ute load, or a box trailer load of household items to the Ophir Road Resource Recovery Centre for free, on any day until June 30, 2021.

“Residents have already paid for a household bulky-waste collection service, which will occur in the next few weeks as part of their rates during this financial year,” Cr Kidd said.

“This was a decision of the Council made earlier in 2020, and was championed strongly by Councillors Romano and Preveteria.

“That bulky-waste collection will occur in the next few weeks from Sunday January 31, if you live east of Anson Street. If you live west of Anson Street your bulky-waste collection service will occur from Sunday February 14.

“Please only put household items out for collection on these set dates, staff will only visit each property once.

“On top of the household bulky waste collection service, each Orange residence is entitled to one voucher which allows a person to take a ute load, or a box trailer load of household items to the Ophir Road Resource Recovery Centre, on any day, until June 30.

“We’re doing this to make the service available to as many residents as possible. We know not everyone has access to a ute or trailer and we know not everyone is available on the set weekends to put their unwanted items out the front of their home.

The voucher scheme was established following a notice of motion from Cr Kevin Duffy.

“The voucher scheme means people can clean-out their sheds or garages at a time which is convenient to them,” Cr Duffy said


The vouchers will be available for collection from Council’s customer Service desk from January 18.
Each Orange residence is allowed one voucher. Residents collecting a voucher must provide a proof of address from a residence in the Orange Local Government Area.

The voucher allows a person from each residence to dispose of one ute load of household items, or 6 x 4 trailer load for free, any day before June 30, 2021.

Any hazardous waste such as asbestos is not included in this voucher system and will be charged at a normal rate.


One collection of bulky-waste will occur from each Orange residence. Once the collection has been done, staff will not return to collect any further items put out.

The timing of your bulky waste collections depends on the same ‘Week A / Week B’ yellow-bin recycling collection calendars, which are generally based on your location compared to Anson Street.
• If you live east of Anson Street, please place your bulky waste out on Sunday 31 January.
• If you live west of Anson Street, please place your bulky waste out on Sunday 14 February.

The collection will occur at any time during the two weeks after this date. There will be only one collection from your address. Once your bulky waste has been collected, please do not put out more waste. It will not be collected again.

The volume of waste collected from any one property must be less than two cubic metres or about the size of a standard (6’ x 4’) level box trailer.

Please ensure:
• Items must be of manageable size for two people to lift (Max 30kg)
• Loose items must be tied securely with rope or string (not wire), into bundles or contained in sturdy boxes.
So that we can recycle as much of the bulky waste as possible, three trucks will come by each address at about the same time.
Please separate your waste into:
• metal items
• whitegoods
• and other bulky waste

Here is a list of possible items which will be taken away:
• Household appliances and whitegoods
• Scrap metal—lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, barbeques, bicycles, hot water systems
• Tins and drums (empty)
• Pottery, ceramics and chinaware
• Household bulky waste items

Here is a list of bulky waste items which will NOT be taken away:
• Materials that are more than 2 cubic metres
• E-Waste– • E-Waste are products such as TVs, computers, monitors etc. Basically “technology’ products.
• Mattresses
• Mirrors, glass tabletops, window panes and glass sliding doors
• Material suitable for putting in the resident’s regular waste bins —eg. food scraps, green waste, recyclables and household garbage
• Asbestos or fibro
• Trade, industrial and shop wastes
• Cement bags and sawdust
• Insulation batts
• Motor vehicles, engines and car parts
• Building and demolition materials, concrete and bricks, tiles, fencing or plumbing fixtures
• Large carpet rolls
• Gas bottles and fire extinguishers
• Prunings, branches, garden vegetation, large tree trunks and thorny bushes
• Hazardous waste
• Batteries
• Tyres
• Fuels or oils
• Liquids or paint

Please do not put out any of these items for your bulky waste collection. These items will not be taken away and you will be responsible for removing them from outside your home. Some of these items, such as e-waste and oils can be taken for free to your Community Recycling Centre.

Check the council web site for more details




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