Council begins a ‘back to school’ parking blitz

By January 24, 2019 News

Orange City Council is encouraging people to do the right thing when it comes to parking around the city’s schools.
Next week Orange students will be picking up their backpacks and getting in their parents’ car for the first journey to school for 2019.

City of Orange Traffic Committee Chair Russell Turner said he wants to make sure they get there safely.

“Orange City Council parking officers will be doing a high-visibility blitz around school zones during the coming weeks,” Cr Turner said.

“Our officers will be handing out warnings and information leaflets about road rules and parking around schools to remind parents and carers of their responsibilities.

“Officers will continue to issue fines during this blitz for serious offences.

“This is solely about increasing awareness of the road rules, and making sure our kids get to and from school safely.

“It can be quite stressful at that peak drop-off and pick-up times, perhaps people might find it easier to double park, or stop in a no stopping zone.
“But by doing these things, children’s lives are at risk.

“Don’t do it. Not for a minute, not for a second.

“I’m calling on all parents to band together and make a commitment to do the right thing around school zones, for the sake of your child and for all children.”

The main offences around Orange school include:

  •  Stopping in no stopping zones. This obstructs the visibility of children on pedestrian crossings.
  • Leaving vehicle in no parking zones. These are designated “kiss and go” areas. You must remain within 3 metres of your vehicle in these areas.
  •  Double parking. Double parking is stopping your vehicle between a parked vehicle and the centre of the road. Letting passengers in or out while the vehicle is double parked is dangerous. The passenger could be seriously injured if the vehicle is rear-ended while the passenger is getting in or out of the vehicle.
  • Stopping in a bus zone. Bus zones are vital to avoid traffic congestion and to give passengers a safe area to get on and off buses.
  • Stopping on the footpath or nature strip. Parking on the footpath forces pedestrians onto the road to walk around the vehicle.
  • Parking in mobility spaces. Parking in a spot designated for people with mobility issues, without a valid permit, forces people who need to use these spaces to park somewhere which could cause them considerable difficulty.
  •  Parking in driveways or other access to land spaces. You may park in these to ‘kiss and go’. You may stop your vehicle briefly to allow passengers to get in or out of the vehicle. You must be within three metres of your vehicle.

All of these offences carry significant fines of between $187 and $561. All of these offences carry a loss of at least one demerit points.


Cr Russell Turner is urging all parents to park correctly around schools

Cr Russell Turner is urging all parents to park correctly around schools

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