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Council, Essential Energy begin repairs to historic Lone Pine tree

By October 26, 2018Heritage, News

Tree specialists have worked to rehabilitate an historic pine tree on the eastern entrance to Orange.

On Thursday (25 October) tree crews from Orange City Council and Essential Energy’s contractor Active Tree Services worked on the tree’s form and aesthetic appeal to promote new growth and a healthy appearance.

Staff from the three organisations met with Orange arborist Bruce Smith earlier this week to review the plans for the remediation work.

Orange mayor Cr Reg Kidd said he was pleased a constructive approach could be taken to rehabilitate the Orange landmark.

“It’s important to acknowledge that Essential Energy has an important responsibility to protect its powerline network and keep the community safe, and it’s safe to say that no one wants to see an iconic memorial tree damaged,” Cr Kidd said.

“I’m pleased people have been willing to sit down, consult with expertise from an arborist and then take appropriate action.

“Today’s work gave the crews involved the opportunity to clean up some usually inaccessible parts of the tree and that will be good for its long-term health.

“I’m pleased Essential Energy has acknowledged concerns associated with the initial pruning and agreed to look at a network solution which will mean further trimming of the memorial tree would be minimal, if required at all.”

Active Tree Services supplied an elevated insulated bucket (EWP) for specialists to work from above the canopy to clean out the decaying leaf matter and undertake some rectification pruning including the removal of dead limbs which fall within the ‘close approach to power lines’ category.

Council’s Tree Care team oversaw the work while also undertaking some pruning of branch stubs, and the removal of dead limbs and decayed vegetative matter from ground level to improve the tree’s appearance.

The fenced triangle tree plot will be weeded and re-mulched following the work.

The opinion of tree experts is that the Lone Pine is showing good vigour and health (there’s been up to 15 cm of new growth this spring) and there is the potential that the clear

It’s believed that with a ‘softly softly’ approach, this work and the tree’s general health, will in time result in the closing over of the cleared branch by new foliage.

Council will undertake further monitoring of the tree in conjunction with Essential Energy and Active Tree Services along with Bruce Smith (The Tree Surgeon) and also look at further strategies such as fertiliser application and irrigation which may be implemented following further assessment.

The tree in Orange’s Lone Pine Ave is believed to have been planted in its current location in 1939 and was sourced from plant stock originally brought back from Gallipoli. The site is used as a memorial for commemoration events by the RSL.

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