Council meeting livestreams to continue, despite COVID-19 changes

Orange City Council will continue to livestream its meetings, despite changes brought about by the COVID-19 crisis.

To avoid face-to-face meetings, councillors will convene for Tuesday night’s meeting using the Zoom video conferencing platform.

Orange City Council CEO, David Waddell, said  he’s confident the new approach will let the Council debate the issues and continue to make key decisions.

“The NSW Government has made the required changes which will let us hold a meeting by video conferencing, which will avoid unnecessary face-to-face contact,” David Waddell said.

“Almost everyone has had a taste of a Zoom meeting in recent weeks. The Councillors trialed it last week for a budget briefing. We’ll get better the more we use it.”

“The signal from the Zoom conference will be sent though to be livestreamed in the usual way, so from the residents’ point of view they can watch the meeting in the usual way.”

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