Council reminds community about anti-vandalism initiative

By November 20, 2020News

Orange City Council is asking residents to be its eyes and ears and help curb incidents of vandalism in the city.
Orange Mayor Reg Kidd and Deputy Mayor Glenn Taylor are reminding the community of a Council initiative which rewards people for information leading to the conviction of anyone found vandalising.

Cr Kidd said the initiative had been in place for a number of years.

“We’re taking this opportunity to remind people there’s a $2,000 reward for reporting information to Council, which leads to the conviction of the offender,” Cr Kidd said.

“Vandalism costs the community hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

“Some of this vandalism has ramifications for safety including emergency services who take longer to arrive at an address because street signs are missing, or decreased visibility at night because lights have been smashed or the destruction of toilets and bins creating unsafe environments for children who need to use the services.”

Cr Taylor said Council would provide the information to police, the Orange police would investigate the alleged crime but Council would provide the monetary reward should the information prove valuable in securing a prosecution.

“This reward is available to people who report specific details or provide evidence and information to Council about vandalism on any property, whether it be public or private,” Cr Taylor said.

“Our city is beautiful with its mix of historical and modern architecture and stunning gardens and parks and it’s a shame when there’s a small blight on those views.

“It’s also really disappointing when we come across some equipment, which has been built for the community to use and someone in the community has felt the need to damage that equipment.

“In some cases it’s a public seat, needed by elderly members of the community, or those with a disability, or it’s a swing in the local children’s park.”

Cr Taylor said he’d like members of the community who have information about these destructive acts to come forward and help stop them from occurring.

To report an act of vandalism head to council’s website.

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