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Crews step up pot-hole repairs after recent wet weather

By August 26, 2020News, Roads

Council staff are stepping up routine road maintenance of repairing pot-holes, with crews working on roads around town, including the Northern Distributor Road.

A crew is out on the bypass again today with the large truck-mounted jet-patcher and motorists are urged to pay attention to changed traffic conditions around the works.

Council staff routinely assess the condition of local streets and program a schedule of repairs.

ROAD TO RECOVERY: Pot-hole repairs in progress on the Northern Distributor Road on Tuesday.

The recent months of dry weather have provided good conditions for crews to work on major road upgrades and gravel road maintenance.

When they are unable to work on these major projects due to circumstances such as the recent rain, they’re re-assigned to road maintenance.

This week, because of the extra work to be done, there are an extra four or five crews working on pot-holes.

As well as the large truck-mounted jet-patcher which repairs pot-holes by using hot bitumen and finer gravel to repair thinner pot-holes, Orange City Council also repairs deeper pot-holes by shovelling the larger gravel and cold-mix bitumen from the back of a truck into the pot-holes.

When it comes to potholes community members can be the eyes and ears of council.

If someone notices a new pothole they can let the council know by visiting the Report It page on the council website.

When a new street that is affected by potholes is reported, it is added to the list for work and repaired when a crew is next working in that area.

Watch the video below to find out more about how Orange City Council repairs local roads.

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