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What’s the council been working on?

This page contains a once-a-month update on projects Orange City Council has been working on.

This information is taken from a report prepared for each month’s council meeting. This update was taken from the report to the 6 October 2020 Council Meeting.

Road Maintenance

Council’s maintenance crews have been continuing reactive maintenance works across the city. Rural road grading crews have completed their current programmed works and transitioned into road and carpark construction activities with the warmer weather.

Road Upgrading

Prince Street from Hill to Anson Street

Stabilisation works to improve the strength of the existing road pavement have now been completed on this section of road and a sprayed seal applied. An asphalt surface will be applied to complete these works.

Dalton Street from Peisley to Anson Street

Stabilisation works to improve the strength of the existing road pavement have now been completed on this section of road and a sprayed seal applied.  An asphalt surface will be applied to complete these works.

Icely Road from Park to Paling Street

Stabilisation works to improve the strength of the existing road pavement have now been completed on this section of road and a final sprayed seal applied.

Water Treatment Plant to NDR

Stabilisation works to improve the strength of the existing road pavement have commenced.

Ploughman’s Lane

Works commenced on the upgrading of Ploughman’s Lane between Coronation Drive and the Escort Way. Phase 1 of the upgrade involves treating the existing pavement with stabilising agents to improve its strength. Phase 2 will involve adding an additional 200mm of new gravel pavement over the entire length.

Forest Road – Hospital to Cadia Road

Construction works have commenced with the continuation of footpath installation, storm water infrastructure and water main installation works.

Traffic Facilities

NDR/Hill/William Maker Drive Roundabout

Works are continuing on the northern side of the new roundabout with around half of the dual lane section spray sealed and ready for asphalt. The William Maker Drive pavement approaches have been completed and are ready for sealing. Further traffic changes will occur with William Maker Drive to be closed in the coming weeks as works move onto the outside lane of the Distributor Road.

Anson Street and Margaret Street Blisters

Installation of the new concrete blisters at the intersection of Anson Street and Margaret Street has been completed.

Coronation Drive Pedestrian Crossing

The crossing outside of Orange High School was moved away from the Kenna Street intersection, blisters were installed and the central island removed to improve pedestrian safety. This work was undertaken during the September school holidays and reopened for the first day of school this term. Some additional pedestrian fencing and lighting upgrades will follow these works at a later date this year.


Airport Carpark

Some delays were experienced on this project due to untimely rainfall onto the natural excavated surfaces which resulted in the need for stabilisation of soft and wet areas with slaked lime. The subsequent pavement layers have since been installed. The roads crew has left site for Ploughmans Lane, whilst Council electricians install underground conduits for solar panels and lighting in preparation for the shade structure subcontractor to install footings.  Installations of kerbs and sealing of the carpark can occur once the footings have been installed.

Concrete and Drainage Maintenance

Footpath Construction

  • Dalton Street – Clinton Street to Burrendong Way (southern side) was completed.
  • Turquoise Street – Diamond Drive to Moonstone Drive (northern side) was completed.

Footpath Rehabilitation

  • Autumn Street – March Street to Dalton Street (western side) was completed.
  • Hill Street – March Street to Prince Street (western Side) was completed.
  • Prince Street – Clinton Street to Sampson Street (northern side) was commenced.
  • Nile Street – Byng Street to Summer Street East (eastern side) was commenced.

Water Supply and Sewerage Major Projects

Spring Creek to Icely Road Water Treatment Plant Water Security Pipeline

All civil work has been completed on this project with the exception of final commissioning by Council staff which is anticipated being completed within the next week. There is however some minor rehabilitation required over the pipeline route.

Shiralee Creek Gravity Sewer

The contractor has not made the progress expected over the last few weeks as a result of wet weather.  The contractor has also claimed that wet weather has hampered his ability to undertake the required rehabilitation in Ken Rawle Park and Pilcher Park.  Council staff have expressed concern to the contractor that this rehabilitation is a high priority.

Council is also in discussions with the contractor on some quality related items with a view to their rectification before practical completion of the project is given.

Other Major Projects

Whiteway Lighting

Anson Street lights were energised on Friday 23 October. It is anticipated that the Summer Street lights will be energised on 30 October 2020. Following this, decommissioning of the pre-existing lighting will be undertaken in consultation with business houses.

Water & Sewer Construction Work

Smart Water Meters

Works are continuing on the smart water meter program with the on boarding of businesses to commence soon. Council has ordered additional water meters to continue the role out of this program.

Autumn Street Water Main Renewal

Works are progressing on the renewal of the Autumn Street 100mm diameter UPVC water main renewal. Works have been completed between Icely Road and Summer Street with the section between Summer Street and Byng Street on hold whilst works are completed on McNamara Street water main renewal.

McNamara Street Water Main Renewal

Works have commenced on the renewal of the McNamara Street water main between Summer Street and Kite Street. Work is being undertaken at night in order to minimise the impact on businesses nearby.

The work involves the renewal and relocation of the existing 100mm diameter water main that is located in the middle of McNamara Street with a larger 150mm diameter UPVC water main to be located within the footpath on the western side of McNamara Street. This work is expected to be completed by the 13 November 2020 weather permitting.

Sewer Relining Program 2020/2021

All works have been completed on the relining of the sewer main with Junction sealing to the property connections currently underway. All works are expected to be finalised by Christmas 2020.