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What’s the council been working on?

This page contains a once-a-month update on projects Orange City Council has been working on.

This information is taken from a report prepared for each month’s council meeting. This update was taken from the report to the 4 February 2020 council meeting.

Road Maintenance

Routine maintenance activities were undertaken across the city.

Road Upgrading

Shiralee Road Upgrading

Stage 2 works are now sealed. We expect asphalt to be laid during the last weeks of January.

Road Rehabilitation

Road rehabilitation works were undertaken at Gorman Road.

Asphalt Works

Asphalt overlays were undertaken on selected sections of Sieben Drive and cul-de-sacs in:

  • Scott Place
  • Lone Pine Avenue
  • Heath Place
  • Anzac Place.

Edward Street was resurfaced in asphalt from Churchill Avenue through to McNeilly Street.

Road Resealing

Reseals were applied to:

  • Northern Distributor Road – East of Icely Road
  • Banjo Patterson Way – two sections
  • Moulder Street – Sale to Hill Street.

Traffic Facilities

Roundabout at Hill Street and Matthews Avenue

Works continued at this intersection with asphalt laid and the intersection reopened as a roundabout prior to Christmas.  Street lighting and landscaping are to follow.

Roundabout at March Street and McLachlan Street

Works began in January on the construction of a roundabout at this intersection.  Initial works include the removal of existing kerbs and the relocation of Council’s water mains through the site.

Concrete and Drainage Maintenance

Severe damage occurred to a section of the shared facility pathway between McLachlan Street and Spring Street after fire brigade units travelled along the path whilst responding to a grass fire.  Safety issues posed by the severity of the damage and the increased risk due to popularity of the walking and cycling route will require that the reconstruction of this pathway, estimated at $90,000, be brought ahead of other programmed footpath rehabilitation works this financial year.  Future reconstruction will include steel reinforcing to help prevent further occurrences of this nature. Council’s insurance policies do not cover damage to these types of assets.

Footpath patching in asphalt was undertaken in Byng Street.

Drainage maintenance to clear blocked pit inlets was undertaken in January in response to premature leaf drop and storm activity.  Sections of the East Orange Channel around March Street were cleared of debris and vegetation growth.


CBD on-street disability accessible car spaces were remarked by Council’s contractor.  It is expected that the contractor will return in late January to refresh the markings for disability accessible car spaces in Council owned off-street car parks.

New works

Southern Feeder Road Stage 2 Construction

The backfilling of bridge abutments has now been completed and the western abutment and wing walls have been poured. Placing of formwork and reinforcing steel are being undertaken on the eastern abutment.  Casting of the bridge girders has commenced in Newcastle and all are expected to be manufactured by the end of January 2020.

The asphalt paving base layer has been completed on Edward Street and some of the SFR east of Edward Street.  Traffic is expected to be switched onto this part of the works in February to allow the construction of the cul-de-sac on Elsham Avenue north of the works.

Work is continuing at the Huntley Road, Elsham Avenue and McNeilly Avenue tie-ins.  Works are expected to be completed within the first half of the new calendar year.

Shiralee Creek Sewer

Late last year, the tender was awarded to EL Civil Engineering Pty Ltd for the construction of the Shiralee Creek sewer project. Construction is expected to commence in early February and is anticipated to be completed in July 2020. Work is to begin at the Endeavour Oval end of the project and progress south with a road crossing at Woodward Street in late February and an underbore across the Orange Broken Hill railway line toward the end March/early April. Once completed, a large section of the Shiralee area becomes available for development.

Astill Drive Pound

Construction continues with the building structure with the concrete slab poured before Christmas for the building structure.  The frame was erected early in the New Year and quickly followed by the roof installation. Currently, the contractors are working on constructing the retaining walls and the detailed earthworks in preparation for the pavement areas.

Water & Sewer Construction Work

  • Works are in progress on the sewer reconstruction of 10m of 150mm sewer main in the Barrett Estate.
  • Works have commenced on the relocation of the 375mm and 150mm water mains under the proposed roundabout at McLachlan Street and March Street. Works on the water main relocation are expected to be completed by 7 February 2020.
  • Works have been completed on the lowering of the 300mm water main along the Northern Distributor Road for the proposed roundabout.