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What’s the council been working on?

This page contains a once-a-month update on projects Orange City Council has been working on.

This information is taken from a report prepared for each month’s council meeting. This update was taken from the report to the 11 August 2020 council meeting.

Road Maintenance

Rural Road Grading has been undertaken at the following locations:

  • Wrights Lane
  • Bulgas Road
  • Phillip Street
  • Pearce Lane East
  • Pearce Lane West
  • Auberson Road
  • Springbank Lane
  • Hawkes Lane
  • Lysterfield Road
  • Stairs Road
  • Walker Lane
  • Pinnacle lookout access and carpark
  • Bargwanna Road
  • Buttle Road
  • Gosling Road
  • Failford Road
  • Bennett Lane
  • Selwood Lane
  • Kearl Road
  • Wise Road

Road Rehabilitation

Anson Street

The first stage of woks to upgrade the Anson Street frontage for the new DPI site were undertaken. Works will eventually include a centre median island, asphalt surfacing and new bus shelter. This work is being done as a private works order for the property developer.

Traffic Facilities

NDR/Hill/William Maker Drive Roundabout

An asphalt surfacing has now been placed on the Hill Street leg of the roundabout.  Drainage work on the southern side of the NDR has been completed and the new west bound lanes on the NDR section brought up to level on the gravel layers, allowing for the installation of kerbs.

Concrete and Drainage Maintenance

Footpath Construction

Footpaths were construction was undertaken in Autumn Street.

Footpath Rehabilitation

Footpath reconstruction was undertaken this month at:

Anson Street between March and Prince Street

March Street between Anson Street and Sale Street

McLachlan Street between Little Warrendine and Caroline Street

Drainage Construction

Council’s contractors completed CCTV inspection and condition assessments of over 9km of Council owned stormwater pipes within the central CBD area.

New works

Shiralee Creek Sewer

The Shiralee sewer reticulation project has progressed slower due to two rain events which occurred during the month. Productivity should improve with the onset of shallower trench excavations.

The work is currently 70% complete with the remaining 915m of pipework anticipated to be completed by early September 2020. The project is forecast to be within the Council’s budgeted funds and there have been no major incidents.

Spring Creek to Icely Road Water Treatment Plant Water Security Pipeline

The majority of the construction works have been completed with less than 30m of the 6km pipeline to be completed. Site rehabilitation works are currently underway with most areas, fencing and roads crossings reinstated. Works will continue at the Spring Creek Reservoir pump station over the next month with the construction of surge vessel pipes and pit, as well as preliminary electrical works in preparation for the arrival of the new pumps in about 6 weeks’ time. Pressure testing of the pipeline is expected to commence in early August.

Whiteway Lighting

The Whiteway Lighting project is 55% complete with expected completion date to be late August/early September pending weather.

Trenching works for the Whiteway Lighting project along Summer Street, Lords Place and Anson Street have been completed.

Light pole foundations are currently being installed in Summer Street between Lord Place and Anson Street. Light pole installations have been completed along Anson Street between Prince Street to Byng Street.

Rectification of concrete and hot mix footpaths have commenced in Anson Street and are expected to be completed by the end of July.

All Civil works will be completed by the start of September.

Water & Sewer Construction Work

Smart Water Meters

Works are continuing on the setup of the trial Smart Metering network which involves installation of 252 water meters in Orange. Works are planned for the installation of the smart devices on these meters on the 4 August with website and data commissioning occurring soon after. Council is finalising the website graphic design.

Works are expected to be completed in October 2020 with access for the 252 participating properties occurring in September to October.

Icely Road Water Main Renewal

The water main renewal on Icely Road between Cox Avenue and Autumn Street is nearing completion. Works have been finalised between Cox Avenue and Spring Street. The 150mm water main has been installed between Spring Street and Autumn Street with water services relocations outstanding. It is expected that all works will be completed by mid-August. This will complete the renewal of 835m of 150mm water main on Icely Road.

Autumn Street Water Main Renewal

Planning works have commenced for the renewal of the 100mm water main in Autumn Street from Icely Road to Dalton Street. The renewal is replacing the existing 100mm cast iron water main which has been identified for replacement in Council’s Water Supply Asset Management Plan.

Water Operation Shed

Works have commenced on Council’s Water Operations Shed at the Works Depot in McLachlan Street. The concrete slab has been poured, drainage installed and mains power and water connected to the building. Frame supply and construction will occur in August 2020 with electrical and fit out to occur afterwards.

Sewer Relining Program

The Scope of works is currently being finalised for the 2020/2021 sewer rehabilitation program.