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What’s the council been working on?

This page contains a once-a-month update on projects Orange City Council has been working on.

This information is taken from a report prepared for each month’s council meeting. This update was taken from the report to the 5 March 2019 council meeting.

Road Upgrading

North Orange Bypass

Works on filling the road shoulders were undertaken by Council’s contractor on the section from Ophir Road to Icely Road.  Adjustments were also made to the wire rope safety barrier to ensure compliance with the new pavement heights.

Cargo Road

All kerb and gutter works have now been completed and the first stage of the sealing has been completed over the full length of the job.  Asphalt surfacing will be applied in May.

Forest Road

Works began in April on the upgrading of the first of three sections of Forest Road.  Council’s contractor is undertaking initial works around the first section near Ginns Road and will then move on to the Orchard Road to Evergreen Lane portion.  A separate contractor has been engaged to begin work in late April on a third section from Kelly Lane to Gander Road, just east of the primary school.

Wentworth Lane / Woodward Street Intersection

Concrete base and wearing surfacing has now been completed on the eastern side of the roundabout.  Work will switch over to the western side in May with traffic moving across to the eastern side and restricted movements put in place into Wentworth Lane.

Concrete and Drainage Maintenance

Footpath Construction

Footpaths were constructed in:

  • Matthews Avenue from Anson Street to Hill Street
  • Glasson Drive

Footpath replacements were undertaken in:

  • March Street from Hill Street to Sale Street
  • Sale Street from March Street to Byng Street

New works

Southern Feeder Road Construction

The Southern Feeder Road was progressing well with minimal variations or delays until recently.  Unfortunately however on 16 April when piling commenced on the eastern side of the railway line the underlying rock was identified as not having sufficient strength to support the bridge as designed.  Additional geotechnical investigations are continuing to inform a redesign of the bridge supports.  Once the investigation and design is complete an understanding of the impact on the programme of work can be established.

Shiralee Sewer

Council’s design office has been progressing the design of additional sewer to service the western portion of the Shiralee development area.  Consultants have been engaged to investigate the environmental impacts of the project and identify geotechnical constraints so that the design can be finalized before going to competitive tender.


Water & Sewer Construction Work

  • Lake Canobolas water main renewal – continuing the installation of a 100mm diameter water main around the Lake Canobolas precinct with a weir installed between the low level crossing and the dam wall. This will be used as a seepage monitoring point for dam safety.