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What’s the council been working on?

This page contains a once-a-month update on projects Orange City Council has been working on.

This information is taken from a report prepared for each month’s council meeting. This update was taken from the report to the 3 December 2019 council meeting.

Road Maintenance

Routine maintenance activities were undertaken across the city.

Road Upgrading

Shiralee Road Upgrading

Stage one kerb and gutter was formed and the roadway completed ready for sealing.  Crews have then moved north on to Stage 2 and are currently excavating in preparation for the new pavement.

Council subdivision works at George Weily Place

Asphalt surfacing was placed on to the new roadway.

Electrical servicing infrastructure was installed.

Traffic Facilities

Roundabout at Hill Street and Matthews Avenue

Works continued at this intersection in the following areas:

  • Construction of new kerb and gutter
  • Replacement of water mains
  • Installation of new stormwater drainage
  • Excavation and construction of new road pavement

Concrete and Drainage Maintenance

Footpath Construction

Footpaths were constructed in:

  • Park off William Maker Drive
  • Moonstone Drive
  • Peisley Street

Footpath replacements were undertaken in:

  • March Street

New works

Southern Feeder Road Stage 2 Construction

At present the backfilling of abutments is taking place which involves the construction of a reinforced earth wall (RSW) incorporating steel straps back into the compacted soil.  Once complete this work will facilitate the bridge construction over the railway line.

Asphalting of Edward Street and the SFR east of the bridge is anticipated to occur on 22 November.  This will allow the traffic lights on the Elsham Avenue / Blowes Road intersection to be removed over Christmas.

Work is continuing at the Huntley Road, Elsham Avenue and McNeilly Avenue tie-ins.  Works are expected to be completed within the first half of the new calendar year.

Summer Street Festoon Lighting

A small dedicated team of Council staff lead by Ben Brennan have done a great job this last week replacing the festoon lighting to LED lighting. This lighting will save on energy consumption as well as being a more reliable fitting, saving on future replacement costs.

Shiralee Sewer

Tenders close on Monday 25 November for the construction of the proposed Shiralee sewer.  The new work extends the sewer infrastructure from Endeavour Park to the proposed Southern Feeder Road alignment (Park Road) largely following Shiralee Creek.  Council has executed an infrastructure licence with Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to facilitate a rail underbore on the Orange to Parkes railway line and agreement has been reached with the two landholders affected by the alignment.  It is anticipated that physical works will commence early in the new calendar year.

Astill Drive Pound

As previously reported the excavation work for the stormwater and concrete slab exposed significant naturally occurring asbestos (NOA).  As such the floor level of the pound was raised slightly to minimise excavation.

At present boxing is in place in preparation for the slab pour which is expected to occur in early December.

Shiralee Stormwater Basins

Council has engaged engineering consultants Cardno to design the nine stormwater basins required in Shiralee for stormwater management through Local Government procurement.

Some of the basins will have a wet bottom to sustain habitat, others will be a normal dry floor basin. One will be a sporting field.  The designs incorporate the structural design of the dam walls and spillways and require a geotechnical investigation at the basins’ locations.

The design and construction of the basins are funded through section 7.11 contribution (previously S.94 contributions).

Water & Sewer Construction Work

  • Works have been completed on the water main renewal of Carroll Street and Sale Street Orange. These works included the renewal of 320m of water main and transferring all associated water services.
  • Works have been completed on the installation of a 20mm water service and associated pipework for the park on Young Street.
  • Works have been completed on the water main relocation associated with the Hill Street and Matthews Avenue roundabout.
  • Works have commenced on the 2019/20 sewer vent removal program. It is programmed for 10 sewer vents to be removed in this year’s contract.