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What’s the council been working on?

This page contains a once-a-month update on projects Orange City Council has been working on.

This information is taken from a report prepared for each month’s council meeting. This update was taken from the report to the 12 May 2020 council meeting.

Road Maintenance

Council’s contractors undertook the annual crack sealing program.  Crack sealing is a preventative maintenance activity that extends the life of road pavements by denying water entry into the structural layers below the seal. In total over 20,000 lineal metres of crack sealing was carried out on the following streets:

  • Ironbark Road
  • Clergate Road
  • Kite Street (Lords – Anson)
  • William Maker Drive (Hughes – Dimboola)
  • Molloy Drive
  • Turquoise Way
  • Northern Distributor Road (Molong – Burrendong)
  • Velodrome
  • Forest Road (Tynan – Grevillea)
  • Peisley Street (Summer – Kite)
  • Hill / Dalton Street (roundabout patch )
  • Ash Street (asphalt construction joints)
  • Carwoola Drive (Borrodell – Lombardy)
  • Centennial Crescent (including Eliza Pl)
  • Poplars Drive
  • Lombardy Way
  • Emerald Street
  • Onyx Place

Road Construction

Council’s contractor began works on the reconstruction of a further 800m section of Forest Road at Spring Terrace.  Works will involve realignment, road widening and the reconstruction of the Spring Terrace School parking facility immediately adjacent to the road.

Traffic Facilities

Roundabout at March Street and McLachlan Street

Council crews continued work on the roundabout construction with progress being made on the concrete pavements and centre islands.

Roundabout at Hill Street, Northern Distributor Road and William Maker Drive

Council’s contractor continued working on the roundabout construction with works still focussed on the southern leg and realignment of Hill Street.

School Pedestrian Crossing Safety Improvements – Anson Street

Staff began the construction of concrete islands and associated works around the marked pedestrian crossing on Anson Street outside of the Orange Public School.


Concrete and Drainage Maintenance

Bike Rack – Sale Street

Council staff poured concrete to form the base for a new bike rack on Sale Street just south of Summer Street.

Footpath Construction

Further works were undertaken to construct new footpaths on Peisley Street between Franklin Road and East Fork.

Footpath Rehabilitation

Council’s contractor undertook the reconstruction of concrete footpaths on Sale Street between Prince and March Streets.

New works

Southern Feeder Road Stage 2 Construction

Since the last report to Council the contractors have completed concrete traffic barriers on the bridge, raised approaches, undertaken work on the Elsham Avenue cul-de-sac and been working on the Huntley Road SFR intersection.

It is anticipated that the road will be open to traffic in late May with minor clean up works occurring after that date.

Shiralee Creek Sewer

The Shiralee sewer is progressing well with approximately 750m of the 2950m installed.  The current completion date for this work is late August 2020.

Astill Drive Pound

The pound is nearing completion with only minor items left to be resolved. It is anticipated the project can be handed over to Council within the next week.

Spring Creek to Icely Road Water Treatment Plant Water Security Pipeline

As detailed in the last report to Council, Leed Engineering has been engaged to undertake the works.  At present they anticipate the commencement of pipe laying around the end of May, however pipes should be onsite prior to this date.

A hydraulic design was completed by the contractor verifying the preliminary design and it is anticipated that the pumps can be ordered by 24 April.  Due to COVID-19 the delivery time has increased marginally and the new date for completion is expected to be mid-October.

With the exception of one property, all land matters have been finalised to the point where access is available to the contractor.  The final land matter should be resolved prior to the contractor commencing works.

Whiteway Lighting

JLE Electrical has completed the installation of electrical conduits in Anson Street between Byng Street and Prince Street.  It is anticipated that work on the conduits in Summer Street will commence on Monday 27 April.

The contractor has indicated that the COVID-19 has caused delivery problems with poles and fittings and on this basis it is anticipated that the installation of poles will be delayed until mid-May.

Water & Sewer Construction Work

  • Works are continuing on the large water meter replacements in preparation for the Smart Water Metering Program.
  • Water service has been installed for the new amenities at Jack Brabham Park.