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Current Projects

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What’s the council been working on?

This page contains a once-a-month update on the current projects that Orange City Council has been working on.

This information is taken from a report prepared for each month’s council meeting. This update was taken from the report to the 7 March 2023 Council Meeting.

You can also contribute to key projects on our Your Say site.

Road Maintenance

Council crews undertook routine pothole repairs and minor road patching across the City.

The first project under the State Government TfNSW – Fixing Local Roads Pothole Repair Round was undertaken on Ploughmans Lane in the vicinity of Stirling Avenue.

Road Upgrading

Council crews began the upgrading of a further section of Forest Road, east of Gander Road.  Works completed to date include the widening of culverts, widening of the road formation and improvements to the strength of the underlying pavement layers by the addition of cementitious binding agents.

Concrete and Drainage Maintenance

Footpath Construction


Work has commenced or continued on new footpaths and footpath reconstructions at:

  • Shared concrete path under the NDR at Ploughmans Creek heading to Molong Road alongside the Fire Shed.
  • Dalton Street between Peisley Street and Lords Place.

Works have been completed on new footpaths or footpath reconstructions at:

  • Emmaville Street – Stevenson Way to end.

Council crews installed the frame for new interpretive signs to commemorate the first street lighting in Orange.

Traffic Facilities

Council crews began work on the new roundabout at the Clinton and Dalton Street intersection. Initial works include the relocation of watermains and laying of new stormwater drainage.

Other Major Projects

Lake Canobolas Water and Sewer

This project proposes to construct a new water main from Orange to Lake Canobolas to improve water quality and also construct a sewer main from Lake Canobolas back to Orange to cater for future higher use and improve environmental outcomes by removing septic systems from the Molong Dam water catchment.

On 18 October 2022, Council considered tenders for the project and endorsed a recommendation to enter into a contract with Utilstra Pty Ltd (Utilstra) to undertake the works.

Utilstra who are utilising local contractors Burtin commenced work at Lake Canobolas on 12 December 2022 and to date have completed 2.3km of sewer main construction and 1.6km of the water main construction.

Subject to weather, the project is anticipated to be completed by July this year.

East Orange Harvesting Wetlands
(Blackman’s Swamp Creek Stormwater Harvesting Stage 2)

This project, which is designed to provide an offline storage on Blackman’s Swamp Creek to increase the city’s water supply secure yield, had been experiencing a delay due to a refusal of Council’s Water Supply Works Approval (under the Water Management Act 2000) application by the Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR).

This refusal predominantly revolved around the interpretation of a weir and its legality under the Water Sharing Plan for the Macquarie-Bogan Unregulated Water Sources 2012 as it was deemed to be an in-river dam and not permitted.

Following the amendments to the Water Sharing Plan for the Macquarie-Bogan Unregulated Water Sources 2012 to exclude a water supply work to be used for town water supply purposes by a local water utility, Council has now made a new application to DPE for a Water Supply Works Approval. Council understands that the DPE Water Licensing and Approvals team are currently exhibiting the application with a closing date for submissions on 31 January 2023.

Sewerage Treatment Plant Inlet Works

This project involves upgrading the existing inlet works at the Orange Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) to meet the peak wet weather flow demand and replace the old inlet system with improved screening and improved contingency measures. The proposed works involve excavation of the construction area, relocation of two inlet sewer pipelines, water main and internal STP access road, and installation of a retaining wall adjacent to the new inlet works. New inlet work structures include screening channels, grit trap, pump station and flow splitter, and associated connection piping, electrical cabling, screens, grit trap, washing equipment and pumps.

Precision Civil Infrastructure Pty Ltd established on site in December 2022 and to date have completed the realignment of watermains to facilitate the construction of the retaining wall required to provide space for construction works.  On completion of the retaining wall a sewer line will be relocated, and excavation commenced for the construction of the inlet works.  The project duration is anticipated as being approximately 12 months.

Future City – Lords Place South

Prior to December 2022, 22 new trees were planted in tree pits constructed in Lords Place.  To minimise future re-work where possible water mains due for renewal were replaced and drainage installed to the tree pits concurrently with their construction.

In late December 2022 Council was advised verbally that it was successful in receiving a $250k grant from Transport for NSW to install Whiteway lighting in Lords Place.  Based upon previous works it is anticipated that this funding will allow the Western side of lords place to have lights installed at a spacing of approximately 20m.

The progression of the Lords Place Future Cities project will now need to consider programming the Whiteway lights as part of the works as there are service conflicts with the existing water main that need to be addressed.

Works in Lords Place recommenced in early February with the installation of electrical cables and pits on the Western side of the street for tree fairly lights and the completion of the watermain replacements works and new service connections.

Footing construction for Whiteway lights and chillout trees will commence on the Western side in the first week of March, anticipated to take 2-3 weeks. Following these civil works painting of the road pavement will commence before the installation of furniture including eight dining decks, six chillout trees, seating and large pots along with.  This work will extend into April.

Due to the lead time for light fittings, light poles and luminaires are likely to be installed and commissioned in mid to late May.

Construction Works

Lords Place Water Mains Renewal

The renewal of the Lords Place water main is continuing with the water services on the western side of Lords Place nearing finalisation. Once complete, the commencement of installation of the water main on the eastern side of Lords place will continue.

Dalton and Clinton Street Water Main Relocation

The relocation and renewal of the water main around the Dalton and Clinton Street intersection is nearing finalisation with the relocation of the existing water main removed from under the proposed roundabout to outside the proposed roundabout structure.

Water Services

Installation of new water services at the following locations:

  • 100mm connection at 3 Ralston Drive.

Sewer Construction Works

Sewer Relining Program

Works have commenced on the 2022/23 Sewer mains Relining Program with Interflow completing the specialist works. Currently 75% of the proposed sewer mains have been cleaned and inspected with the relining to commence on the 13 March 2023. Works are currently expected to be complete by the 31 May 2023.

Sewer Reconstruction

  • Sewer connection reconstruction at 10 Cemar Avenue.
  • Manhole Reconstruction at 294 Summer Street.
  • Sewer connection reconstruction at 86 McLachlan Street.