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What’s the council been working on?

This page contains a once-a-month update on projects Orange City Council has been working on.

This information is taken from a report prepared for each month’s council meeting. This update was taken from the report to the 6 October 2020 Council Meeting.

Road Maintenance

With recent good rainfall maintenance activities have focussed on road drainage and repair to damaged pavements and potholes.

Road Upgrading

Southern Feeder Road Stage 3

Asphalt surfacing was laid on the section of the road from Elsham Avenue through to Lone Pine Avenue (south) and the roadway opened to traffic.  Council’s contractor will now focus on the second phase of the works from Lone Pine to the new Mitchell Highway intersection. Diversions for traffic from the Mitchell Highway remain in place via McLachlan Street and Edward Street.

Forest Road – Hospital to Cadia Road

Council staff are awaiting test results regarding the finished surface quality for the completed works after raising concerns about roughness.

Cadia Road Safety Improvements

A high friction asphalt surfacing was laid on the newly formed pavement as a treatment to help prevent off road accidents on the bend approaching Forest Road. Other measures installed included installing additional curve advisory markers and widening the sealed shoulders to increase the recovery zone for errant vehicles.

Phoneix Mine Road

Council crews commenced work on road and shoulder widening on Phoenix mine road at the bends approaching Lucknow.

Forest Road

Works continued on the road pavement widening and upgrade between Ginns Road and Evergreen Road.

Traffic Facilities

Cecil Road/Gardiner Road – Raised Platform

Fencing was installed on the corners of the intersection to help guide pedestrians to safer crossing points.

Hill and Casey Street Safety Improvements

Work was completed on the kerbside blisters and central median islands.

Concrete and Drainage Maintenance

Footpath Construction

  • Work has commenced on footpaths at:
    • Work has commenced or continued on new footpaths at:
      • Hill Street between Matthews and Margaret Street
      • William Street between Dalton and Byng Street
      • Molong Road west of Burrendong Way

Water Supply and Sewerage Major Projects

Spring Creek to Icely Road Water Treatment Plant Water Security Pipeline

The key works under the grant are complete and commissioned. A close nexus to the transfer pipeline is water quality and security of the water supply. On this basis, it is intended to source and commission a de-stratifier (mixer) in the dam to improve water quality and CCTV to minimise potential vandalism.

Shiralee Creek Gravity Sewer

It was intended to complete rehabilitation behind Ken Rawle Park prior to Easter. The recent rain however has delayed the contractor and subject to weather, this work is anticipated commencing soon after Easter.

Other Major Projects

Future Cities Upgrade – Byng Street and Lords Place

Tenders recently closed for the future cities upgrade work in Byng Street and Lords place.  This contract is for all works other than the new asphalt surface proposed for the streets which will be done under a separate supply contract.

Future Cities Upgrade – McNamara Lane

To date, contracts have been let for the repair of damaged concrete foot path segments, the new concrete footpath and the installation of lighting. Works commenced on 10 March and are progressing well. Subject to weather, it is anticipated that light poles will be stood during the week commencing 29 March. Concrete footpath construction is expected to be largely complete by the end of May.

Water & Sewer Construction Work

Autumn Street Water Main Renewal

Work has been finalised on the water main renewal in Autumn Street. Council renewed 1060m of 100mm water main along the entire length of Autumn Street along with the transferring and renewal of services.

CBD Water Main Renewal/Upgrades

Works are to commence in April on the Lords Place water main renewal between Summer Street and Byng Street, first with Byng Street water main renewal, between Peisley Street and Lords Place to follow. Council has ordered material and arranged a contractor to complete a 60 metre length bore in Byng Street.

Water Service

  • Renewals of 150mm, 100mm and 50mm water services on Forest Road
  • 40mm water service upgrade at 147 Hill Street
  • 32mm water service upgrade at 21 Leewood Drive

Sewer Inspection Program

Council has received quotations for the Sewer inspection program which is to be completed under the Central NSW Joint Organisation CCTV Contract. Works are expected to commence in April or May depending on contractor availability.

Sewer Flow Gauging

Monitoring works have been completed in Council’s sewerage network. This involves flow monitoring of 12 permanent sites and 17 temporary sites (for a 12 week period) throughout the trunk sewerage network. The 17 temporary sites have been removed and the data from all sites is currently under review prior to advising the sewer network model. This will assist Council in understanding location of inflow and infiltration problems and also provide data to recalibrate Council’s Sewer Model for further city planning.

Woodward Street Sewerage Pump Station

Works are underway on the decommissioning of the Woodward Street Sewerage Pump Station near the intersection of Woodward Street and Gardiner Road. This sewerage pump station has been made redundant due to the recent construction of the Shiralee Gravity Sewer System.

Sieben Drive Sewerage Pump Station and Rising Main Recommissioning

Council has recently complete a strategy into the future sewer servicing of North Orange. This report has recommended recommissioning an existing sewerage pump station at Sieben Drive near the intersection of Glendale Crescent. Council is in the process of undertaking a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) for the Sieben Drive Sewerage Pump Station and rising main recommissioning. This is expected to be completed in April.

Sewer Reconstruction

  • Property sewer connection reconstruction at 5 Pitta Pitta Place
  • Property sewer connection reconstruction at 1 Amana Circuit
  • Property sewer connection reconstruction at 7 Bletchington Street
  • Sewer connection works for Perry Oval Toilet Block