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What’s the council been working on?

This page contains a once-a-month update on projects Orange City Council has been working on.

This information is taken from a report prepared for each month’s council meeting. This update was taken from the report to the 6 July 2021 Council Meeting.

Road Maintenance

Council’s street sweeping team has taken delivery of a new footpath sweeper to help deliver a high level of CBD presentation.

Council has also put together a dedicated leaf collection team, with specialised equipment to deal with the large volume of leaf litter on Orange roads at this time of year. Best estimates are that the team will supplement the normal street sweeping team until mid-June, however this is entirely weather dependant.

Road Upgrading

Forest Road at Hiney Road

Works continue on the upgrading of this section of road after delays experienced with poor weather conditions in early May. Drainage culvert widening works and modifications to the road geometry to improve Hiney Road intersection sight distance have now been completed. At the time of writing this report, the final layers of new road pavement were being laid in preparation for a new seal.

Concrete and Drainage Maintenance

Footpath Construction

Footpath Construction

Work has commenced, or continued, on new footpaths and footpath reconstructions at:

  • Molong Road – Mastronardi Way to NDR
  • Clinton Street – Summer Street to Byng Street.

Other Major Projects

Lake Canobolas Water and Sewer

This project proposes to construct a new water main from Orange to Lake Canobolas to improve water quality and also construct a sewer main from Lake Canobolas back to Orange to cater for future higher use and improve environmental outcomes by removing septic systems from the Molong Dam water catchment.

To date, an environmental assessment has been undertaken and is currently being evaluated by Development Services. Land acquisition has occurred, and the design is being finalised.

It is proposed to tender the works in two parts. Initially the pipeline construction will be tendered out and under another contract, the required sewer pump station will be tendered as a design and construct project. These tenders will go out in June.

East Orange Harvesting Wetlands (Blackman’s Swamp Creek Stormwater Harvesting Stage 2)

This project, which is designed to provide an offline storage on Blackman’s Swamp Creek to increase the city’s water supply secure yield, is experiencing a delay due to a refusal of Council’s Water Supply Works Approval (under the Water Management Act 2000) application by the Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR).

This refusal predominantly revolves around the interpretation of a weir and its legality under the Water Sharing Plan for the Macquarie-Bogan Unregulated Water Sources 2012.

Council staff are working with the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) and other government agencies to provide clarity as to the interpretation by NRAR and other options that may exist to facilitate the construction of the weir required to fill the offline storage. A positive development is that NRAR is no longer involved in Water Supply Works Approvals and the application will be assessed by DPE directly.

Southern Feeder Road Stage 4

Following the resolution of Council on 19 April 2022 where Council resolved “..That subject to agreement on contractual clauses and in accordance with the proposal outlined within the body of this report, that Council accept the offer by the MAAS Group for The Construction of the Southern Feeder Road Stage 4 and Shiralee Collector Road Stage 5 – F3718 ..” staff have commenced discussions with the MAAS Group and provided proposed specification wording for consideration by the MAAS group.

Water & Sewer Construction Work

Dalton Street Water Main Renewal

The renewals of 500m of 100mm water main along Dalton Street between McLachlan Street and Spring Street has been completed with the road reinstatement to be completed soon with the pavement renewal along Dalton Street.

Clergate Road Water Main Renewal

Quotations have closed for the supply of materials of Clergate Road Water Main Works. Materials are to be ordered soon with installation to be completed as part of the road upgrade.

Water Services

Installation of new water services at the following locations:

  • 284 Byng Street – new water service.
  • 57 Sale Street – 32mm water connection.

Renewal of water services at the following locations:

  • Linen service – Fire Service renewal.

Sewer Construction Works

  • 284 Byng Street- new sewer maintenance shaft.

Sewer Reconstruction

Sewer reconstruction works were carried out at the following locations:

  • 28 Boronia Crescent – sewer junction reconstruction.
  • 30 Boronia Crescent – sewer junction reconstruction.