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What’s the council been working on?

This page contains a once-a-month update on projects Orange City Council has been working on.

This information is taken from a report prepared for each month’s council meeting. This update was taken from the report to the 6 July 2021 Council Meeting.

Road Maintenance

Council crews continued with pothole patching activities across the City.

During the course of winter, Orange experienced what was reported to be the highest July rainfall totals in 30 years, which cause water tables to rise and many pavements to remain saturated for long periods of time. Extra resources in the form of materials and manpower were applied to maintain a safe road network during this period. This additional cost of road maintenance activities will be assessed quarterly against the maintenance budget and corresponding spend for all transport related assets, to determine if additional funding is required.

An indicative analysis of the wider effects of the deterioration of the road network however reveal a need for Council to undertake an accelerated programme of more extensive selected heavy patching on higher order roads such as Forest Road, Huntley Road, Racecourse Road, Leeds Parade, Beasley Road and Coronation Drive. Council staff have identified $100,000 from the Transport for NSW Regional Road Block Grant to allocate carrying out urgent patching works on Forest Road from Aerodrome Road to Beasley Road.

Other lower order roads also demonstrate a need for an extra level of service over and above the routine maintenance and cyclical rehabilitation budget.  An additional annual allocation in Council’s maintenance budget to initiate routine heavy patching of $150,000 and an additional accelerated programme to address the specific damage caused by the recent wet weather will be prepared for Council’s consideration as part of the budgetary processes.

Rural gravel road grading was undertaken at:

  • Calton Road
  • Beamah Road
  • Auberson Road
  • Failford Road
  • Gosling Road
  • Kearl Road
  • Louie Road
  • Shephard Road
  • Sellwood Road

Road Upgrading

Southern Feeder Road Stage 3

Council’s contractor has been working at the new intersection with the Mitchell Highway.  Very challenging conditions have been encountered due to groundwater in the immediate vicinity of the Highway. Additional remediation activities have been undertaken in agreement with Transport for NSW.


Concrete and Drainage Maintenance

Footpath Construction

  • Work has commenced or continued on new footpaths at:
    • Park Street
    • Escort Way
    • Ploughmans Lane
  • Work has commenced or continued on footpath renewal at:
    • Byng Street
    • Kite Street

Carpark at corner March and Peisley Streets

Council crews were able to begin work on the gravel section of the new car park at the corner of March and Peisley Streets after prolonged wet weather.

Drainage Works

Works were completed on diverting stormwater from Woodward Street into Duntryleague for the purpose of supplying water to the nearby irrigation dam.

Council staff addressed urgent repairs to pipelines in Woodward Street, south of Summer Street, that had caused holes to appear in the Woodward Street parking lane.

Water Supply and Sewerage Major Projects

East Orange Harvesting Wetlands

Detailed design plans have been completed and their review is continuing giving particular consideration to construction and operational safety.

An application was made to the Natural Resources Access Regulator to approve the scheme which was advertised on 25 August 2021. The period for submissions closed on the 22 September 2021.

It is anticipated that the Natural Resources Access Regulator will forward concerns raised during the advertising period to Council for comment or clarification prior to making a determination on the application.

Other Major Projects

Future Cities Upgrade – Byng Street and Lords Place

Recently completed road works include the on grade disabled parking in Lords Place and Byng Street, the centre island in Byng Street, and the widening of the roundabout at the Lords Place/Byng Street intersection.

In addition, the hand rail has been installed leading to the main Civic Centre door.  The handrails leading to the Theatre will be installed once the rectification and painting of the garden beds has been completed.

Subject to weather, it is currently anticipated that the asphalt works will occur in mid-October.

Future Cities Upgrade – McNamara Street

McNamara Street works are nearing completion with the festoon lights over the McNamara Street car park put up and tested.

Water & Sewer Construction Work

CBD Water Main Renewal/Upgrades

  • The Byng Street water main and associated water connections have been completed. The Civic Centre water meter connection is programmed to be done on the weekend following the long weekend in October.
  • Water supply services to garden beds in Lords Place will be programmed as weekend work. The pavement condition has made under boring difficult and as such, open cut trenching will be required.

Sampson and Dalton Streets water main alterations

  • The relocation of the water main at the corner of Sampson and Dalton Streets has been completed.

Aquatic Centre

  • The installation of a new backflow prevention device and smart meter at the Aquatic Centre has been completed.

Water Services

  • Installation of new water services at the following locations:
    • MET School in Dalton Street – 50mm water service.
    • 25 March Street – 20mm service renewal.
    • Platinum Drive – two (2) 20mm water services.
    • 3 Atlas Place – water and sewer connections.

Sewer Construction Works

  • 377 Anson Street – new sewer main and sewer manhole installation.

Sewer Relining

  • Contractor’s, Interflow, have been awarded the sewer relining works for the 2021/22 financial year. They will commence work on 11 October 2021.

Sewer Reconstruction

  • Sewer reconstruction works were carried out at the following locations:
    • 52 Warrendine Street
    • 97 Gardiner Road
    • 55 Summer Street