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Are you looking for financial assistance from Orange City Council?

Each year, Orange City Council asks for applications from community groups who want to access Council’s financial assistance program. The aim of the program is to provide financial assistance to community groups who provide direct benefit to the community.

The value of the financial assistance program is now close to $200,000 as it now includes support for items such as :

  • rates reimbursement
  • sports participants/representation
  • sports facility partnership program
  • general donations (hire fees reduction, seed funding, miscellaneous)
  • general donations (school annual prize giving)
  • event sponsorship
  • heritage grants

Donations and grants policy

The donations and grants policy includes guidelines on how to make an application for donations/financial support. Some donation types are only considered once a year. Others are considered once a quarter.

Funding is not available retrospectively (for activities that have already happened in past years).

Being successful with a grant application in one year doesn’t lead automatically to recurrent funding in following years. Organisation must make a fresh applications in each future year, if ongoing funding is required.

Heritage Assistance Fund

You can find more information  by clicking the link Heritage Assistance Fund Guidelines

Sports Facility Partnership Program

Orange City Council wants to help local sporting clubs improve local sporting facilities. Applications will be accepted from not-for-profit sporting organisations who can demonstrate that through the provision of funding they will meet the objectives of the program as detailed below:

  • Improve sporting and recreational facilities for local sporting organisations and the local community.
  • To create partnerships between Council and sporting groups in the development of sport and recreation facilities in the City.
  • Improve opportunities for local sporting organisations to host major sporting events.
  • Improve resources available to local sporting organisations.
  • To enhance the long term sustainability of the sport.

Funding for activities, special events and sports equipment (bats, balls, uniforms, etc) will not be considered under this program. Individual grants to a maximum of $15,000 are available on a dollar-for-dollar basis with in-kind support and voluntary labour considered as part of an applicant’s contribution.

Tips – applying for support

As part of the application process, there is a focus on identifying the local benefit the event/project will bring to the Orange community. For this reason, applicants need to specify which strategy their project aligns to in Orange City Council’s Community Strategic Plan. The Community Strategic Plan can be found on this page.

In some of the application forms, there is also a section for applicants to identify which local businesses they will use – so Council can try to track the broader benefit and impact of this program.

Each year, when new applications open, Council sends a Letter to previous applications for council grants advising that new applications are being invited.

You can find more information in Council’s donations and grants policy: Donations and Grants - ST029

Timing of applications ~ 2018

Council encourages members of the community to make written application (using the relevant application form) by 4.00 pm on Friday, 23 February 2018 – so they can all be considered at the same time as part of the annual budget deliberations.

The budget allocations for grants are limited and the grants and most donations are made during the annual budget deliberations. Applications can be made throughout the year but applicants need to be aware that as the financial year progresses, less money will be available for financial assistance.

Applications can be:

Emailed to or mailed to:

The General Manager
Orange City Council
PO Box 35