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e-services is unavailable

Alternative payment methods 

If you’re paying your rates or water, make sure to have your notice with you. If you require further assistance, contact Orange City Council.

The preferred alternative payment method is BPay.

Make a BPay payment via the Internet or phone banking.
Rates biller code: 18242
Water biller code: 555441

In person or mail

Visit our cashiers
at the Civic Centre
PO Box 35
135 Byng Street

9am to 4.30pm
Monday to Friday


Pay by card by
calling 13 18 16
Billpay code: 0645

24 hours a day
7 days a week


Make a payment
via Internet or
phone banking
Rates biller code: 18242
Water biller code: 555441

Post Billpay

In-store at
Australia Post
Billpay code: 0645

DA Tracking

Development Applications can be tracked via the NSW Planning Portal. Contact Council for historical applications.